Friday, July 20, 2018

1880's town in Murdo SD

As we headed further through South Dakota we found an 1880's town that had been re-created.  We spent several hours there walking around and then enjoyed yet another picnic lunch. Here are some of the photos I took during our visit to Murdo, South Dakota and the 1880's town.
These two gentlemen put on a great little show in the Saloon.

There was a whole exhibit there of props from the movie "Dancing with Wolves" which was filmed near by.

One of the many buildings that had been brought to the property.

The guys waiting outside the Saloon for us ladies.

I didn't read the significance behind the camel, but he was there enjoying the attention being paid to him.

A beautiful little church off in the distance.

Brother Gary and his wife Christy walking off to the homestead.

Even had a small jail.

Love the looks of peeling paint and wall paper in this old house.

Time to relax and take off the boots.  Cute little display in one of the display houses.

Mike has always wanted to jump the rails.  That first jump is a doosey.

A little different perspective.

Many, many collections of all kinds of things.

It was a beautiful day in Murdo, South Dakota at the 1880's town.  I highly recommend a visit.

The Corn Palace and more

On our second day we made it into South Dakota, were to our surprise the speed limit jumped up to 80 miles per hour.  I guess you can do that when the roads are strait and your are running through corn fields.  One stop we wanted to make while in South Dakota was Mitchel's Corn Palace.  Its a funky place but definitely has put Mitchel South Dakota on the map for us.

Not every day you see these two on the side of the road.

Oh look we actually began to find some hills after all the flat farm land.

Oh course I am going to have flowers.

Mitchels Corn Palace.  Yes all the decorative murals on the building (actually all the decor on the building is made from corn.  It truly was amazing.

This was a small mural inside the building that showed what products were used that year to decorate the building and yes every year it is something different.

And what does one do while at the Corn Palace, well eat corn of course.

The palace itself holds, concerts, basketball games and all types of events.  Yes the murals on the walls were made from corn.

Truly a place you should stop to see if you are in the area.

After all that traveling and site seeing it was time for some dinner, which made this young man smile.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.