Friday, October 6, 2017

A visit from the Traveling Sisterhood

This past week Mike and I received a visit from the "Traveling Sisterhood".  Now you may ask, who is the Traveling Sisterhood, well it is comprised of Julie Kerns, her sister Mary Nelson and their good friend and cohort in crime Cyndy Davis.  These three travel and do so many wonderful things together and this past week they paid a visit to us here in New Bern.  Oh what a fun filled couple of days we had.  This I can honestly say was the first time I had ever had a grown up "girls time" other than with my own family.  We hit two beaches, on the first day and enjoyed a wonderful lunch of shrimp and fish tacos and of course took hundreds of photos, all of us.

Me, Mary, Julie and Cyndy.

Atlantic Beach

This young man was kind enough to let us photograph him and his glorious fish.

Photography Yoga?  Mary is an excellent photographer and you can often find her in the most precarious positions.

The view from lunch.

Loved this wall at lunch.

On the second day Julie and Cyndy headed to Union Point Park to paint while Mary and I headed out to explore the downtown waterfront and hit a few shops along the way.

I was so close to this little one that I didn't even have to use the zoom lens.

Julie painting away.

More photography Yoga!

Mary catching a few moments down on the river front.

Cyndy's creation from the day.

You just never know where you will find Mary.

Flowers along the River.

One of the ladies paint pallet.

New Bern Bear.

Downtown New Bern, getting ready for next weeks Mum Fest.

Mary working on her Elvis impression.

The third day Cyndy and Julie went to the marina near us to paint, while Mary and I headed back downtown to tour the gardens of Tyron Palace.  

The gardens were in a bit of a transition period but there was still plenty to photograph. After the gardens we enjoyed a tasty lunch at Lawson's Landing Cafe.  And then of course took a few more photos.

Mary once again getting the perfect shot.

It was such an amazing time spent with these lovely ladies!!!!