Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Down to Georgia

We are off again for a little adventure this month.  Our first stop was to Little River South Carolina to stop and see our dear friends, Jeff and Sandy Bacon.  They have kindly agreed to watch Miss Millie while we are out on this little adventure.  Millie loves them and I do believe the feeling is mutual.  The Bacon's live on their boat full time.  

She has claimed her place on the couch

Mike and I spent the night at a nearby hotel.  I woke up early this morning, like usual and the fog was pretty thick.  We had to wait a while for it to burn off, but I was able to get a couple of good shots this morning of said fog.

Once the fog cleared we were on our way.  First through Myrtle Beach as we were headed down 17 South.  Must admit we ran across some interesting things on buildings and billboards.  

Mike's comment about this one was "boy I bet it was hard on the builders to do this one.  On our way down Route 17 we stopped in Murrells Inlet.  We walked the pier and I got some great shots of the surrounding area and even a couple of some birds.  And yes birds are not really my "thing" when it comes to photography, but it just seemed as they were posing.

We were going to stop in Charleston and actually drove through part of downtown, but since we had been there several years ago and it seemed that so much construction was happening we decided to skip it.  We did though stop at the Mount Pleasant Pier at the base of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge on our way to Charleston.

After a good drive, which Mike did all of it today we safely arrived in Savanah, GA.  We will rest up here and head out tomorrow for Kings Bay Submarine Base, where we will be staying for a couple of days.  (Military housing is awesome).

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Day trip to Swansboro and Emerald Isle

Finally getting up to date on my posts here.  Yesterday we headed out for another adventure.  After two solid days of rain it was time to get out of the house.  So we headed over to Swansboro, NC, fortunately on the way we took a wrong turn and ended up going in a bit of a different direction.  We started our way back to our original destination but soon found out the road we were on was a Military road only, hmm this was the quickest way to get to Swansboro so we did what any retired Military family would do, we pulled out our Military ID's and was able to drive through Camp Lejeune without any questions.  It was a good drive and we saw things we wouldn't normally see on a regular road.  Like this sign below.

We made it through the base and then on to Swansboro, a beautiful little town where we stopped for lunch.

I don't normally take pictures of our food, but it all looked so nice I thought, why not?

After lunch we headed up the Barrier Islands and ended up a Emerald Isle Beach.  There was literally only one other man on the beach.  I guess 40 degree temperatures and gusty winds keeps folks away.  We loved it!  Another great adventure.

Random photos

The first two photos I didn't take, but were sent to me from our daughters.  The first one is of Miles our oldest grandson.  He has now started playing basketball. I can't believe how much he is growing up.

This one below is of Jacob.  I sent him some paints and this was his first time to use them.  He had never painted before and according to his Mom he loved it and made 6 different paintings.  Who knows maybe we have a budding artist there, Nana can only hope.

The next two photos are ones I took the other day from our backyard.  They are of some Sun Dogs that formed around the sun.  I have never seen these while living in Columbus, but down here they happen often.

Just another great cloud photo.

Another event I had never heard of until I moved here is what they call a "scheduled burn".  This is where the forestry department literally sets fire to the under brush in the woods around here.  I assuming to keep things a bit under control and  I am sure there are other reasons, but I have yet to find those out.  Never the less it was a site to see as they were doing this on the road to our neighborhood.

The view coming over the bridge, the smoke was coming from the area we live in.  

This past Saturday we drove to Belhaven to look at a boat for sale.  Took these shots while Mike was crawling around the boat.

This is just an odd one I took while a passenger in my truck.

Sunday morning while on our way to church the fog was crazy.  It didn't burn off until later in the afternoon.  Brought back memories of all the fog we ran into in Michigan while cruising.