Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A walk in the park

On Tuesday I dropped Mike off at Ed Kerns house and picked up his wonderful wife, my dearest friend, Julie and we headed out for a ladies day.  We enjoyed a stroll around a Joann Fabric store, then a yummy Chinese lunch, then headed over to the newest Metro Park in town, Scioto Grove.  It is  such a lovely little park.  See from the photos below.

It was a wonderful day spent with my dearest friend.  Thanks Julie for a wonderful afernoon.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Day out with my favorite Men

Okay so today was the first time I had the opportunity to spend the whole day with my two favorite men, my hubby Mike and my brother Gary.  A Road Trip it was going to be.

Mike and I and Gary off on our day trip to southeastern Ohio

First stop was to Rock Bridge Nature Preserve.  I have driven by this place at least a hundred times and never stopped, today we stopped.  We hiked down to a nature made Rock Bridge.  Unfortunately there was not much water, well actually none at all flowing, but the scenery was still gorgeous.  Ended up hiking almost 4 miles, up and down two hills.  Whew I am not in shape for that, but these two guys got me through it.

Must follow the big brother, he knows where he is going.

The views were just gorgeous along the way.

Thank heaven for nice laid out paths

Okay some were a bit more challenging than others.

Rock Bridge, hard to tell that the lower half is probably 25 to 50 feet down under the rock bridge.

The guys on the bridge

After the hike we headed over to Nelsonville and grabbed a bite to eat at the Miners Diner.  It was a small place but the food was really good.  It was located right on the "town square".
The guys at lunch.

The town square, well it was more like an oval.

Yours truly.
After lunch we headed down our windy road, rt 78.  Our goal today was to take one of what they call the windy 9 roads.  This was Route 78.  Whew it was crazy.  We stopped at a part of the lake at Burr Oak State Park.  The guys hung around while I walked around and took pictures.  They are so very patient.

Okay must admit I mostly took pictures of the lilly pads.  So after this we headed back on the road and made it to Stockport Mill.  Mike and I had stayed there in the past at the Inn.  The Mill wasn't open but we looked around outside.

Some flowers by the Mill
By this time it was about 2:00 p.m. and Mike was getting tired, well we all were so we headed back to the town of McConnellsville.  We were in search of the the Big Muskie Bucket, but spotted this fire engine on the way that I really wanted to photograph.  Well Mike drove by but there was not real good place to stop the truck so he pulled into part of the fairgrounds across the street and the guys helped me climb up the side of this hill and over the busy road to take pictures of this old fire truck.  I told you they were the BEST MEN EVER!

Huge hill we all climbed up just so I could take a picture of a fire truck.

It was pretty awesome.  Unfortunately there was a fence I was allowed over to be able to see it up close.

Then we were on our way to find the Big Muskie Bucket.  Now for those of you that don't know what this is well its a bucket from a HUGE coal mining machine that AEP used when mining coal from land in southeastern Ohio.  They called the machine the Big Muskie.  Well all that is left of the machine is the bucket and a really nice park that AEP built around it.

The bucket

The chain to the bucket

The bucket, I told you it was big.
In 1969 when it was dedicated they were able to fit the whole Morgan High School Marching Band into it.  Granted it wasn't a big band, but still it was the whole band.  See article below.


It was an amazing day spent with my favorite Men.  Let's do it again soon guys.