Sunday, November 5, 2017

A little trip down south

On Friday Mike and I headed down to North Myrtle Beach.  One to pay a visit to our dear friends Jeff and Sandy Bacon and to look at a boat.  Yes not sure if I have updated everyone on the latest boat saga or not. We sold our sailboat back in late September.  Thankfully we only had it on the market a week and we had a buyer right away.  So yes that means at this point we are boatless. Is that a word?  It's a long story but the sailboat was just not working out so well.  We have made the decision to go back to a trawler and do some local cruising.  So for the past 6 weeks we have been boat shopping.  Mike found a boat in North Myrtle Beach that he wanted to see so we decided to make it an overnight and spend some time with the Bacons who live in Little River, SC.
Friday morning was just gorgeous.  One thing about living near so many pine trees is the gorgeous views one sees when the sun shines through them.  There was a little ground fog this morning and it just made things so magical.

Our destination was about 3 hours away.  I set us up in a hotel for that evening, one that supposedly allowed pets.  (I will get back to that later.)  Our first stop was the marina where Jeff and Sandy were living at.  Yes they are live aboards at a marina in Little River.  We were both so glad to see them.  Even Miss Millie, you see Millie had been to see Jeff and Sandy when she was only a couple months old.  

Needless to say she has grown a bit since the last time we were here. She loved being on the boat.

And all the amazing attention she received from Jeff and Sandy well that made it just that much better.  Ok back to the hotel situation.  When Mike and I went to check into the hotel they informed us that pets were not allowed.  We ended up staying but Millie, well she got to spend the night with Jeff and Sandy on Manatee.  

As you can see she made herself right at home.

While Millie was being spoiled rotten by the Bacons we headed over to look at the boat.  It was a great looking boat, a little different from what we had been looking at, but after spending some time crawling around it we really liked the layout.  Only problem was the questionability of the engine and the fact that the current owner was not willing to produce any past history on the maintenance of the boat.  Long story short Mike made a low offer for it, but we have yet to hear anything back.  More to come on that.

After a couple of hours going through the particulars on this boat we had worked up and appetite.  So we headed back to the marina, met up with the Bacons and headed out to grab a bite to eat.  Ended up in a sushi place.  Wow was that an awesome place for dinner.  We had the most relaxing 2 hour dinner I have ever had.  

Even Mike who originally said that Sushi was like "fish bait" finally came around and really enjoyed the meal.

After dinner Mike and I headed back to our hotel room for a good nights sleep.  Food coma was more like it.  Next morning we headed back to the marina to pick up Miss Millie and headed on our way back north.  We made a bit of a side trip and headed over to Southport a small seaside town that I had wanted to visit ever since we moved to NC.  

Drift wood.

We decided to grab a bite to eat and picked an establishment that had outdoor eating facilities, this way Millie could join us.  We had never taken her to a place like this and were happy to find out she did just fine.  After the waitress gave her a water bowl, she sat/laid below our table and would give a little nod to anyone that came by specially anyone that would stop long enough to pet her.  She is an attention hog don't ya know.

Southport is a beautiful seaside town, where needless to say I took a great deal of photos of.  We did decide though that coming on a Saturday was not necessarily the best day of the week to come.  We will come back during the week to do some more exploring.  

I like these kind of flowers, can't kill them.

It was so fun to have Millie join us for the days excursion.  Southport is a very dog friendly town.

After spending almost 2 hours walking around Southport, we hopped on the ferry and took it over to Fort Fisher.  Where we soon found out they were having a Kite Festival. (see grainy photo below).  The place was so crowded when we got off the Ferry we decided to just keep on moving up the coast.

Gorgeous trawler we spotted while on the Ferry.

This line for the Ferry was well over a mile long.

We made our way north up the coast and made a stop at Kure Beach.  Nice beach with a beautiful pier.

Miss Millie was all about walking on the sand.

The pier crowded with people fishing

Miss Millie doing her Sally Fields impression of the Flying Nun.  It was a bit windy on the beach.

Oh and did I mention SHE DOES NOT LIKE THE WATER! She stayed as far away from it as she could.

After a walk on the beach we headed back home.  It was a beautiful day!