Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Free Wheeling...the joy of a bike.

Several years ago I purchased a small red tricycle at a flea market.  I bought it way before we ever had any grandkids.  It was more a decorative item and a remembrance of when I myself had my first tricycle which was red.  Well a couple of years went by and soon we were blessed with our Grandson, Miles.  One day Mike tried putting Miles on the trike just to see how he fit.  Well as you can see from the photos below his little feet couldn't even touch the pedals.  I can remember we would gently push him along the side walk.

He had such determination when learning to ride this tricycle.  Last week we pulled the same tricycle out of our garage while Miles was over and wow what a difference.  At this point he was too big for the trike, but wow did he peddle his little heart out.  He and Mike spent an hour just riding back and for in front of our home.  

By this time the the poor tricycle has seen better days.  So....

While we were at a flea market in Youngstown earlier in the week, Mike spotted another bike that we instantly knew would be a much better fit for "Little Dude" (Mike's affectionate name he has called Miles since birth.) We made a quick purchase and off we went.  We were so excited for Miles to try it out.

Well Monday night Miles and Kate came for dinner.  The reaction from Miles was priceless.  He was so excited that he and Mike went straight outside to try it out.  He was a natural.  He informed us too that blue was his favorite color and that the flames painted on the bike made him go faster.  Unfortunately the photo below is a bit blurry, but you get the idea of the joy and determination in this little guy.  I am thinking those training wheels will be coming off sooner than we think.  Oh the joy you get from riding a bike.

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