Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trip to Youngstown and Mill Creek Metro Parks

As promised I said I would tell about any trips we take along the way.  Again, just because we are no longer on the boat does not mean we aren't going to travel.  This past week we decided after being back in town almost a month is was time for a ROAD TRIP!!!!  So off we went up to Youngstown, Ohio.  While there we decided to visit as many of the Mill Creek Metro Parks that we could.  This first one was Fellows Riverside Gardens.  Can I just say they were breathtaking.  All types of flowers, trees, plants, wildlife, gazebos, bridges, sculptures, everything you could possibly want in a tour of a garden.

The rose garden was a must see.

A little FUZZY selfie.

We traveled further down the road and came across this waterfall and took a stroll down this creek.  What a peaceful place to enjoy the day.  See we still need to be near some water.

We then worked our way to Lanterman's Mill, what an awesome site this was.  I must admit Mike was much more interested in the history of the place than what I was.  I just wanted to take pictures.  Hmm imagine that!  So he listened to the tour guide and gave me the cliff notes later.  It really was a fascinating place.
The view from under the overpass.

Do you ever wonder who has gone up and down these stairs

Captivating Waterfall
Down the road a bit was this wonderful covered bridge.

A beautiful covered bridge

Then further down the road was this suspension bridge.  The work that went into this bridge was amazing.

We enjoyed a beautiful ride home that evening after an exciting road trip.  Many more to come!

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