Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And we wait...

As we wait to hear whether the offer we received on the Lady J is going through we worked at keeping ourselves busy.  So you guessed it a little road trip.  The weather was gorgeous today so Mike asked me this morning if I wanted to go for a drive,  of course I do.   We took a drive up to Hoover Dam and drove around the reservoir.  You still can't get us away from the water.

The leaves are just starting to turn

They have drained the reservoir for winter so the water levels are down.

We had a little company

We stopped by the town of Galena and walked around for a little while.

A little fall frivolity 

Must check out this diner at a later date.

I just loved these mosaics in the steps

We returned home after just a short day out, but it was a great time.  And we still wait to hear from our broker.  Good thing is Mike did talk with the manager at the marina up in Sheboygan and he did say that someone was out to conduct the survey.  So we still wait to hear some news one way or the other.  

Tonight I was talking with Mike and told him that one of the things I miss about not being on the boat was all the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Not 10 minutes later I looked out the upstairs window and saw this.  

We do live right on a flight path to the airport.

They are there you just need to know where to look for them.

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