Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Friends, Lunch, Flowers, Farm Markets and errands.

We were able to spend some time today with the Singers.  We just love these two.  Lots of laughing, wonderful lunch and got to see their soon to be new place.  Plus enjoyed Susie's beautiful flowers.  This woman does amazing things with her yard, among other things.

We enjoyed a great lunch and ice cream, oh how we love our ice cream.  They then took us over to a farm market near by.  Wow was that a great place full of all kinds of wonderful fruits, veggies and many other items.  The aromas were intoxicating.

We picked up some produce and other goodies then headed over to see where the Singers new digs is going to be built.  What a lovely place it's going to be.  Susie I am moving in upstairs (Roger doesn't need that location) LOL.

Afterwards we ran some errands.  We stopped by to pick Mike Ramey's brain, picked up a chair mat at Staples and our last place was to the bank.  Hmm are you wondering what that is about?  Well guess what something is a brewing but you are going to have to stay tuned (at least for the next week) to find out what.  

Something I may have forgotten to let everyone know is we sold the Lady J.  She is officially in the hands of her new owner.  Must admit we have wondered where she is and what is going on.  But new adventures await!

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  1. Good news about the Lady J. That was fast! So what's the new adventure?