Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Oh this gorgeous scenery

 I awoke Monday morning to a slight drizzle, actually it was more like a heavy mist.  So on went the coffee pot and I cranked up the heater a bit since the outside temperature was only in the high 40's.  We spent a leisurely morning, enjoying our coffee, figuring out our days plans and still working on all the ins and outs so to speak of our new land yacht.  I wandered over to the shower house to take a shower.  Upon entering I had a  huge flash back of when I used to work at Lutheran Memorial Camp during my high school years.  Not sure exactly why, but I can remember working there in the winter and the warmest place was always the restrooms.  The temperature in this restroom was whoa pretty much off the charts.  I definitely was not going to get cold.  Neither was that huge spider that was sharing the warmth with me.  So glad that certain family members (you know who you are) were not there to share in the experience, it wouldn't have been pretty. I chose to let it occupy the shower next to me and just leave it alone.  Okay enough about this.

Before leaving this nice little camp ground we decided to take a hike up to the water falls they had mentioned in the brochure.  It was still pretty misty and overcast, but the hike was enjoyable and the scenery was delightful.

Our little home away from home tucked in amongst the trees
There was a small stream close by
Someone in the campground had gotten creative.

The waterfalls
Of course we had to do the selfie.  Hard to get it in focus when you can't see through the lens.

We finished up our hike, returned back to the trailer and worked on getting ready to hit the road.  Traveling with the trailer is a lot like the boat in the sense that there is a list of things that need to be done before getting under way.  Things that if not done properly can be a bit detrimental.  

By 11:30 we were on the road towards Greensboro, NC.  We had about 3 hours of driving today and it all went pretty well.  We were both so joyously overwhelmed by the scenery. The leaves in the mountains were just breathtaking.  That really doesn't begin to describe the view.  Even on an overcast day they still looked spectacular.  Below are some photos of along the way.  They really do not do them just since I took them out the truck window, but you can get an idea of the magnitude of the view.  

Tunnel Driving

Our truck found it's name sake.

We arrived safely at the Greensboro Campground and after settling in, we went in search of a grocery store to do some stocking up.  Mike also contacted our friend Jeff Bacon to find out where he and Sandy where currently docked.  After some "lively" conversation we decided we should be able to make it to their location by Tuesday afternoon.  So looking forward to seeing these two and Hatch (their pup).  I made burritos for dinner and treated ourselves with some cookies hot out of the oven while we settled in to watch Dancing with the Stars. Then off to bed (well at least for me).  Tomorrow we are off to the coast of NC.

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