Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Journey Continues

I have been leading up to this for over a week now.  Our travels have not ceased just because we have sold the Lady J.  As of this morning we are the proud owners of a 28ft Jayco Travel Trailer, hence the reason Grandma has such a big truck now.  Our old truck did not have the hauling capacity that we needed.  So we took the proceeds from the sale of the Lady J and purchased our trailer.  Mike did an amazing job on both purchases.  He studied and researched on the internet for about 4 days.  We spent 3 days just crawling around trailers, old, new used, gross, awesome, too big, too small after a while they all started looking alike.  During Mikes multiple hours surfing the net looking for just the right one he found it on Craig's list.  It was exactly what we wanted, brand, size, everything was perfect.  Including the amazing price the young man had it at.  We were afraid that it was too good to be true.  But came to find out the young man and his wife had just had their second child, she was currently on FMLA and was concerned that she might get laid off upon returning to work (others in her department including her boss had already been dismissed).  So they were working on getting their finances in order and needed to sell the trailer.  It was good to see these young folks doing the responsible thing.  The whole buying experience was great.  So we now have the big red truck, which my daughter so lovingly has named "Clifford" after the big red dog and a trailer to be towed by such a truck.
28 ft Jayco Travel Trailer

Living area

Kitchen, Fridge is huge compared to the Lady J

We wanted a trailer specifically with bunks so the grandkids could come along.  They are two full size bunks

Queen size bed for Nana and Papa

TONS of storage space

We still have the travel bug, but knew that we also needed a place to come back home to.  This way we can afford to do both.  Travel for a couple of weeks, then return back to Ohio to be with family and friends.

Our hope is that in the future we can take the grandkids with us or anyone for that matter that wants to join us for a little while.  

We have plans to leave in the morning for the southern states.  Our plan is to meet up with Jeff and Sandy Bacon somewhere down in the Carolinas.  They are currently cruising the ICW in their sailboat the Manatee.  We are really looking forward to catching up with them.  So stay tuned to find out where our journey leads us.

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