Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What's going on?

 A little catching up is in order.  We have been busy here in the Kent household.  A couple of new projects have been completed.  First I have always wanted one of those doorways where the kids are measured.  Well since we are renting writing on the walls is not an option.  So I came up with Grandma's measuring board.  This way we can keep track of the growing grandchildren and write their names right on the board.  Crazy, but fun! And yes this was made from the same boards as our headboard was made from.

Grandma's measuring board

Second project started and completed was our coat rack.  Mike had actually made this a couple of years ago, but for some reason I never got around to painting it.  We were in dire need of it at the time I just put it up without finishing it.  Well this past week I finally put a design to it.   

Work in progress, the grapes where sustenance for the painter.

Now we have places for our guest to hang their coats

Also this week Mike picked up the saw he's been wanting.  His workshop is soon to be complete.  Pictures to come once everything is set up.  He is so excited to get back to wood working.

Yes he does read the directions

This past week we also took a road trip to do a little research on our next adventure along with just driving around to enjoy the colors of fall.  I think fall is my most favorite time of the year.  The colors  are just spectacular.

Just driving through the country

Out at Buckeye Lake which is looking a little sad since they have had to lower the water because of problems with the dam.

Even though the water has been lowered it still was beautiful
The leaves they are a changing.

This past weekend our oldest daughter Kate had a wonderful birthday party for our oldest grandson Miles.  He turned 4.  It's hard to believe that this little guys if 4 years old already.  I took several pictures at the party but because they are of children that are not related to me I figure it safest not to post those photos here (those are for Miles to enjoy).  I will though post some of the photos I took of our own family.  

Our youngest, Amanda with little Jacob

Jacob playing with a leaf

Miles reading one of his birthday cards.

Look at these AWESOME cupcakes Kate made.

Mike caught this one of me and Jacob watching Miles on the playground

Jacob and his Dad, Kent

Oh the anticipation

Enjoying those yummy cupcakes

Jacob trying to take Papa's water bottle

Kate with little Jacob

For those of you that have been following my blogs for the past couple of years knows that we sold the boat this past week and the check arrived on Monday.  Whooo hoooo!  We were sad to see it go, but are still confident we made the right decision.  Now what to do with this check.  First deposit it in the bank.  And yes we had plans for it before we even received it.  First thing Tuesday morning we took a drive out to Newark to pick up Grandma's new wheels.  See last week on our trip out there we looked at some trucks that Mike had done some research on line about.  We were wanting to get a new truck as seeing the one we currently have is 13 years old.  We decided to keep the old truck since it was running really well and the trade in value was, well... just not worth it.   Since March we have been a one car family and it really has gone smoothly (specially since 3 of those months we were on the boat).  But knowing what our plans for the future were we needed to get some other transportation.  So another truck was going to be the answer.  But this one had to have the towing capacity we needed ( the Silverado does not) and also had to be able to transport at least 4 people (two of them being grandsons with car seats).  So we decided on a Dodge Ram crew cab. We found a great used one with very low mileage and at a price we could definitely afford.   So here is Grandma's new ride.

Once I get my 5'3" stature into this beauty it is really easy to drive and I feel so much safer.
So now you are probably wondering.  What are they going to tow?  Well you will have to wait for my next post to find that out.  We did though decide to take the truck out for a long test run.  We took a drive up to our old marina in Sandusky and visited with our dear friend Bob Sinn before he headed back up to Michigan.  The truck was awesome, great ride, handled easily and I actually drove it all the way home from the marina that night.  We had a wonderful visit with Bob and saw some other folks from the marina.

Saw this truck in front of us and loved the smiley face.

Not getting around this big guy.

The colors are just beautiful along the way

Tis that time of year

This just caught my eye

Such vibrant colors

Boats on the hard in the marina

Not many boats left in the water, winter will soon be here.

Seagulls scavenging for whatever they can find.

More boats on the hard

Mike and Bob visiting in the clubhouse.

Well that pretty much gets you up to date on the happenings around here.  Stay tuned though my next post will reveal our next adventure.

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