Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beaufort or Beaufort?

Saturday morning we decided we would head out for another day of site seeing.  That is the reason we are playing the role of the wanderer.  We headed over to see the Neuse River up close since it was right by our campsite.

After some time spent at this peaceful place we piled into the car to make trip out to Morehead City to check out the sites there.  Well the first place we usually hit when coming to a new location is the visitors bureau.  This one was quite nice.  We talked with the gentleman working behind the counter and told him what we were looking to see.  He suggested that we by pass Morehead City and head over to Beaufort.  Which is a small waterfront town with lots of old historical buildings a free Maritime Museum and lots of shops.  We had heard of this place before but we made the big mistake of saying it incorrectly.  You see there is a Beaufort, N.C. and a Beaufort, S.C.  but oddly enough they are not pronounced the same.  Up north it is pronounced "Bofort" down south it is pronounced "Bufort".  I suggest you don't get these mixed up.  LOL

So we were off to "Beaufort" NC for some site seeing.
City Hall in Beaufort

Stopped by the old burying ground only right on Halloween.

No ghosts here.

Massive walls around the cemetery
We visited the old burying ground, which was truly interesting specially since it was October 31st.  We then walked down towards the water front.  Oh so cheery and bustling with a good amount of folks for it being off season.

On to more cheerful things like colorful bikes
 Mike placated my sweet tooth by stopping by the fudge shop.  Upon entering this gentleman was hard at work.  What an artist he was.  When he was completed he looked at me and said do you want a taste?  So he brought his paddle over asked me to put out my right finger and he wiped it across the paddle and then did the same to Mike.  OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Best advertising ever, we bought two slices.  One actually came from this fudge he was working on.  It doesn't become liquid because there is no butter in it.

After a delightful visit to the fudge shop Mike and I wandered over to the Maritime Museum.  Now I must be honest here this is Mike's bailiwick not mine.  I looked around for a bit, but went outside to enjoy the sunshine and to not make Mike feel rushed.  While sitting outside enjoying the weather an elderly man (86 years young) came along and sat down with me.  We had a wonderful talk about both of our adventures. Once again Mike catches me picking up old men.  LOL 

Love this little boat
The Methodist church next to the burying ground
I loved this rope, but I am attracted to bright colors

After walking around town and both missing the good times we had on the boat we decided to take a trip over the bridge to the ocean.  We headed to Atlantic Beach.  I must say that actually getting to a place where we could see the beach was a bit tough.  We had to drive for quite a while to find a public parking space and access to the beach/ocean.  It's kind of sad how the high rises and condos blocked your view let alone not allowing you access to the beach.  We finally though found a spot, parked the truck and ran for the sand.  Well walked actually but my heart was running.  See this girl is a beach comer from way back.  Many of my summer vacations where spent at the beach with my family.  I was in HEAVEN!!!!

Atlantic Beach was a bit deserted except for a few folks fishing.  Too cold for swimming.

We did some shell collecting

Mike found some old fishing leaders
I will see what I can do to re-use these leaders
Oh the waves!

I thought this little lady was so adorable.  She did catch a couple of fish.

Sea foam
Got to figure out how we can live next to one of these.

Little one finally was still enough to photograph

This is my happy place!

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