Sunday, November 1, 2015

Belhaven, Bath, and the Bacons

Tuesday morning started with more rain, but now that we are traveling with a trailer rain is not such a deal breaker any more.  So after a quick breakfast we were off to Belhaven to meet up with our friends Jeff and Sandy Bacon.  We arrived at our next campsite without any trouble about 5 hours later.  The lady at the front desk was on her way out and told us to just pick a spot and they would catch up later with us on payment.  So we found a good place to park and got everything set up.

All settled into our site.

A rainy picture of our view

Permanent Campsites

The campsite was pretty nice with laundry facilities and a beautiful view of the Neuse River. 

We contacted the Bacons to find out exactly where they were docked and made a beeline over to their marina.  Oh it was so great to finally see them again and their wonder pup Hatch.  

A quick little history of our friendship.  We met Jeff and Sandy in the summer of 2014, they were holding out in our marina in Sandusky for a couple of days because of the weather.  We were introduced by an employee of the marina and well that's pretty much all it took.  We became instant friends.  We cruised with them off and on during that summer and had plans to do it again this past summer but because of some delays they had and well us going north instead of east we just didn't hook up.  So when we decided to purchase the trailer we knew our first adventure would be to catch up with them wherever they were on the east coast.  See Jeff and Sandy are now living on their boat full time along with their dog, Hatch.  You might remember them and Hatch from our blog on the Lady J.  Hatch is the sweet pup that ate the fish hook and lived to tell about it (so to speak).  

What a wonderful warm welcome from Hatch the Wonder Dog.

Manatee snug in her dock

Sandy always there with that brilliant smile to greet us.

We visited on board the Manatee for a couple of hours.  Must admit I began to get a little queasy after a while.  I don't have my sea legs any more, plus the fact the wind had picked up and we were rocking a rolling a bit.

Rocking, Rolling and Rain
We opted for dinner out at a local restaurant.  Where we made plans for the following day to spend the day together exploring the area.

The next morning the rain was still around, but that wasn't going to ruin our plans.  So after breakfast we hopped in the truck and where off to pick up the Bacons for a day of exploring the area.  We went to small town of Bath to look around.  We grabbed a bite to eat at a local diner and then went in to town to wander around. Bath was North Carolinas first port and first city.  Its located on a peninsula between Bath Creek and Back Creek. Since it was off season many places were closed, but we enjoyed a walk around the waterfront and was able to stop into Pirates Treasure, which is a little gift shop that is run by a sweet little old lady that runs it out of her home and has done so since 1971.  Many of the items are hand made by herself and her two daughters.  There is a complete room dedicated just to Christmas.  She was actually on the Travel Channel when they came to do a piece on Blackbeard (since he was from Bath).    Sandy and I had our pictures taken with her but I can't get it off my phone for some reason.  Oh modern technology.  

Fun at lunch

Of course there will be photos of flowers

This one was anchored right in the middle of the river

Moss covered gazebo

The guys checking out machinery on display

Dock Mayor Jeff

It looked stormy but never rained.
Yes we do!

Some flowers were in their end stages, but still pretty.

After a great day of site seeing we retreated back to our respective "homes" for a rest.  We then reconvened back at the Manatee where Sandy made a wonderful pork loin and potatoes.  I brought an appetizer and some dessert.  It was a great ending to a perfect day.

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