Saturday, November 7, 2015

Coming home from Tennessee!

After two wonderful days in Asheville, NC we decided it was time to head home.  Friday morning we left for Caryville, TN.  Mike found a state park there that had a good price on sites and availability.  So Friday morning in the fog and heavy mist we packed up the trailer and got back on the road.  It was a bit tricky getting "her" (the trailer, name to come later) down the hill at the site, but Mike did an awesome job.  As I said we started out in the heavy mist and fog, but it quickly changed to sunny skies.

Unfortunately this wonderful sunshine didn't last very long because shortly after this we ran into a blinding rain storm.  It was very unnerving but once again Mike did a great job maneuvering the truck and trailer on the freeway during this torrential downpour.  We were both thankful that this storm didn't last long and we continued on in overcast skies with some occasional rain.  

We came upon our campsite in Caryville, TN at Cove Lake shortly after lunch.  We were thrilled to death when the ranger (who's name was actually Rick) yes he was Ranger Rick told us because Mike was over 60 we qualified for the lower rate of $10.00 per night.  Whoo Hoo!  He put us in an awesome site right next to one part of the lake, even though it drizzled off an on it was an great place to spend the rest of the day.

The view from our dinette 

I went for a long walk that afternoon and of course brought my camera along.  It was a great afternoon to take photos of the lake and all the wonderful reflections.

Loved the look of the wood on this tree.

See us over there on the left at our perfect site.

We had a nice quiet evening and left early this morning for home.  We had a great ride home and are happy to be back.  The trailer and truck did an awesome job.  We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next adventure on the road.  I guess you could say that we are now officially RV'ers and loving it!

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