Monday, November 23, 2015

Dayton Weekend

This past weekend we planned a trip to Dayton.  Our main reason was to attend a party our nephew Mike was having.  He is celebrating his 1st anniversary of his bone marrow transplant.  It's hard to believe it has been a year since all of that took place.  Mike stayed with us for a couple of weeks after he was released from the hospital.  He needed to be near The James (OSU's James Cancer Hospital), so we offered him a bed and took him to his appointments.  Having Mike stay with us really meant a lot to both Mike (my Mike) and I.  It was one way that we could help Mike through this transition in his life.  This time together helped us all to get to know one another better.  I thank God that Mike is now healthy and cancer free!  So Saturday he planned this huge party at his home in Dayton.  A wonderful time was had by all.
Mike's home is just wonderful.  He has turned an old grocery store into his workshop and living space.

Mike is a magnificent wood worker and runs his own business in Dayton

He even built an impromptu stage for the band he hired for the party.

We left early Saturday morning to get to Dayton before the weather was turning to snow, ugh.  We stopped at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum.  I know it may seem odd to visit a random Cemetery, but this one is just magnificent.  The Wright Brothers burial site is there and the whole cemetery is located on the top of a hill overlooking downtown Dayton.  The views were just wonderful. 
The view of downtown Dayton from Woodland Cemetery was just gorgeous

The Wright Brothers burial plot

There is beauty even in sad places.  The sun shining through a crypt

The mausoleums here were magnificent.
After walking around Woodland we worked our way over to a place called Charlies Deli.  It is a little hole in the wall place in a neighborhood that is well, now a little questionable, but the food was great, and the atmosphere was like what you would think in an old deli.  Below is an excerpt from their website at and a quick photo I took.  I suggest if you are in the area stop in for a bite to eat.

"Charlie's Deli & Catering stands alone as Dayton's oldest and most popular delicatessen. Our signature sandwiches and specialty ingredients have earned us The Dayton Daily News People's Choice Award for Best Deli and Ledbelly Boys Best Sandwich Shop"

After enjoying a great lunch at Charlies we headed over to the Dorothy Lane Market.  We walked in the door of this place and the first word out of my mouth was WOW!  This place is a market on steroids.  I have seriously never seen such a selection of everything!  We spent some time walking around and picked up something sweet from the bakery. Definitely another fun place to stop at in the Dayton area.

Yes we bought something from this case.

After our visit to the market we headed over to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  We had reserved a room there for the night.  It pays to be married to a retired military man.  Great rates on a two room suite.  

The next morning we arose early and yes there was snow on the truck.  Not a lot, but enough to see it and the temperatures were now back to what a normal November day would be.  So long warmer days, hello winter.  We stopped for some breakfast and then headed our way to Springfield.  I had read on Trip Advisor about a home there that had this massive display of stone art that a Mr. Hartman had built starting in 1932.  Below is an excerpt from the website at

The Hartman Rock Garden is one of the nation’s most intriguing and revered works of in situ folk art, an outsider art phenomena where self-taught artists construct fascinating worlds out of concrete, metal, stone, and whatever else they can find.

It's located at 1905 Russell Avenue, Springfield, OH. It is absolutely worth the stop if you are into seeing quirky things.  Below are some photos I took of the place.  It is open 365 days a year, from dawn to dusk and is free.  Don't be scared away by the fact it is in someone's back yard.  It truly is open to anyone.  Needless to say when we were there the flowers were all gone, but after seeing photos that were taken in the summer I would say that would be the best time to go for a visit.

So our trip to Dayton was a successful one.  We have been there many times seeing that we have family there and have visited all the major sites like the Air Force Museum and Carillon Historical Park, but these are some of the other places that folks might not normally stop at.  Enjoy!

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