Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Going to the mountains

Let's see where do I start?  First I must let everyone know that even though we loved being on the boat and cruising to different ports, we are enjoying traveling in our trailer I think a bit better.  Okay for me a whole lot better.  Rain and wind is really not much of an issue any more.  Our first week on the road has been a great experience and it still continues this week.  Monday we made it to a wonderful campground outside of Salisbury, NC.  We planned this day to be a down day once we arrived.  We had been going non stop and we just needed some time to recoup.

On Tuesday though we visited with Mike's cousin Judi and her husband Don in Salisbury.  We had such a wonderful time.  Mike and Judi had a lot of catching up to do.  We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, a great meal out, and AWESOME CAKE!  Must get the recipe from Judi.

Cousins Mike and Judi

It was odd to wake up Wednesday morning and have no real plan as to where we were going to go from Salisbury.  Mike told me the night before it was up to me as to where we went this morning.  So early this morning while he was still asleep I poured my normal cup of coffee and sat down at the dinette and thought about where we might go today.  The weather was still misty and cloudy, but as I stated earlier that doesn't much matter any more. I contemplated going back to the coast to look into possible places to live, but decided we should continue enjoying our first adventure in our trailer and head to places before us not behind.  So I picked Asheeeeeville, NC  Ok I kind of put to many e's in that town, but when one has lived in Ashville, OH you tend to over pronounce said "e".  

So after a leisurely morning we left the campground around 10:00 a.m. and were off to Asheville. Now most folks who visit Asheville are here to see the Biltmore Mansion, well Mike and I have already seen the Biltmore several years ago, but at the time didn't have the opportunity to see anything else.  So this time we were going to stay and see some of the rest.  We had a good drive from Salisbury, but did run into some nasty fog up in the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The fog descended upon us pretty quickly, we were driving into a cloud.

The fog luckily didn't last long and before we knew it we were in the clear and oh those mountains shone in all their glory.

We were able to find our campground pretty quickly.  We are staying at a place called Mama Gerties in Swannanoa, NC which is about 10 miles from Asheville.  The name of the place is a bit cutesy, but oh my heavens this place is magical.  Upon arrival we had to check in and from the minute the young lady behind the desk began speaking to us I could tell she wasn't from this area, no southern drawl.  In fact she was from Ohio.  I knew it, someone that sounded like us.  She was delightful and was able to get us into a spot.  I soon came to find out this is a popular spot for camping.  Specially as the young lady behind the desk put it "the leafers are here".  In other words those folks coming down just to enjoy the changing of the leaves.  We soon were traveling up the mountain and boy I do mean up, all I can say is thank heavens for the Hemi.  Anyway we followed a young man who was driving a golf cart up this mountain that had campers woven in among the trees. The road twisted and turned and seemed at some points to literally go straight up.  But when we arrived at our campsite I swore I heard angels in the background singing.  It is by far the most spectacular location we have yet to park our home away from home.  The following photos have not been touched up they are just as I saw them.

Our camper set up by the side of the mountain across the path was the most amazing vistas

Seriously there are not enough words in the english language to describe the beauty this mountain gives to those that take the time to enjoy it and for us it's right outside our door.  I will be having my morning cup of coffee looking out over the mountain.  Then on to discover some of the other splendid things to do here in Asheville.

My afternoon tea

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