Thursday, November 19, 2015

Had no time for a blog post, living life.

Hard to believe that I haven't made a post in almost two weeks.  Not since we returned from our trip down south.  I guess we've just been living life.  Things here have been calm even though we have been busy with multiple projects, family get togethers, helping friends, etc.

Mike continues to build his wood working shop.  This past week he completed a frame for a photo I took while in Canada this past summer.  He used some of the reclaimed wood we took from the pile in our yard (that the condo folks left).  This is some of the same wood that we made our headboard from.

The finished product turned out fantastic.

I too have been working on a project or two.  I have always admired photos that were printed on canvas, but have never been thrilled about how much they charge to have these made.  So I did a little research on line, Pinterest to be exact and figured out how to do my own version.  My first one turned out pretty well, now on to figuring out exactly what to do with this new found craft.  

Last week even though Mike was fighting a bit of a cold we decided to trek downtown and check out the new riverfront area.  We had heard on the news that the updates that were taking place before we left this summer had been completed.  So on a veterans day we took a ride downtown.  It really looks lovely and will be even better once all the plants and grass have filled in.

My hometown, Columbus, Ohio

Some abstract shots of the Main Street Bridge

Beautiful walkways by the river

Main Street Bridge

Must find out the meaning behind this deer statue

Beautiful for a November day

This past weekend we had our youngest grandson, Jacob spend the weekend with us.  His parents were in need of a little R & R, so we kept the little guy.  He was so good and is now walking.  We enjoyed our time with him, but whoo were we exhausted by Sunday night.  I know why folks don't have children in their older years.

Jacob and Papa watching the OSU football game

Look at that little mug.

Papa messing with the little man

Oh that face and those eyes

Out to lunch with these cuties

Enjoying the day at the park

Watching the Packers!

We ended the weekend with having Amanda and Kent for dinner and then our niece Faith, nephew Zach and Faith's husband Tim also joined us for dinner.  We had a great time with all the kids.

Jacob with his Auntie Faith.  (actually his second cousin, but Amanda and Faith are more like sisters)

As always there are new projects in the works here at the Kent residence.

New lumber purchased, hmm what will this be turned into.

I have started a couple of projects.  I just love my space in our basement.  Looking at these pictures reminds me of something my daughter once said to me.  "Mom how can your whole house be so neat and put together, but when you are creating something you have stuff EVERYWHERE!  It's true, our home is usually pretty neat, but I am a hot mess when it comes to me creating something.  I guess it is just that creative gene that makes me feel like I need to spread things out.

I too take advantage of Mike's workshop
Using more of the reclaimed wood.
Messy, but productive
Work in progress

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