Sunday, November 1, 2015

New Bern, NC

Friday morning and we are off to Croatan National Forest, which is located between New Bern and Morehead City, NC.  We want to visit each location so we figured this would be a good place to park the trailer for a couple of days and see the sites.  Besides the fact it is only $17.00 a night.  That sure beats $80.00+ a night for a hotel.  We arrived at the park a little after noon.  The facilities for campers is small but secluded.  We talked with the camps host and she said there were a couple of open spots and we could pick whichever we wanted.  So we grabbed the one closest to the shower house.  Seeing that there are no water hook ups here and Mama likes her showers.

We unhooked the trailer and settled into our spot.  We are still trying to figure out the proper technique of leveling this beast, it seems to rock as much as the boat used to.  I think a little more research is in order either that or talking with some other folks to see how they handle it.  Anyway we grabbed a sandwich for lunch and planned our afternoon touring around New Bern.

Our first stop was at the Visitors Bureau in New Bern to get a map and ask a few questions.  We opted to park down by the river and walk into town since the weather was spectacular. Yes we stopped to watch the boats in the water.  We may no longer be on a boat but that doesn't mean we don't still love to watch them.   Their local "mascot" is the bear.  You know when you go to places and they have a specific statue that is painted in different motifs and then displayed around town.  We have come across this in many towns, lighthouses in Sandusky, frogs in Erie, whales in Nantucket, you get the idea.  I am always intrigued by the different designs for each.

Our first stop of the afternoon was Tryon Palace.  Tyron Palace was North Carolinas government house, built between 1767 and 1770 by royal governor William Tryon, represented the British crown and became North Carolina's first official capitol.  We also toured two other homes next to the Palace.  They were all quite beautiful in their own way.  A bit to big for my taste, but who am I to say anything I am currently living in a trailer.

A Seth Thomas Clock that had been in City Hall for years.

Lady in period attire

The entrance to the Palace

The Study

The dinning area

Massive staircase

The garden was almost bigger than the house itself, but not much growing

These were some of the falls last beauty.

After our tour of these mansions we took off for the the streets of old town New Bern.  These streets were filled with many shops, restaurants, churches, historic buildings and such.  The one place we wanted to visit was the "birth place" of Pepsi.  Yes Pepsi was invited right in downtown New Bern at a drugstore.  The drugstore is now a quaint little shop where on one side they have all kinds of historic Pepsi items and talked about the history of the drink then on the other side they sell new paraphernalia you can buy and take home.  And of course you can actually sit down at a table and enjoy a nice cold Pepsi.  So we did, now normally we very seldom drink soda, but we thought we were here we need to do this.  It was fun.

Must have a little fun with Elvis

Found this great shop filled with so many wonderful things.

Loved this sign

Where Pepsi started

Of course we sat for a cup of Pepsi

Afterwards we walked more around town, noticed there was a farmers market on Saturday (we will be back for that) and then stopped for a bite to eat.  It was a lovely day in New Bern.
Side note: New Bern was one of the places we had thought about eventually moving to.

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