Sunday, November 1, 2015

One more day with the Bacons

(Thursday) We decided to stay one more day in Belhaven to enjoy the company of our dear friends Jeff and Sandy Bacon.  After enjoying a great time with them the day before we decided another day of site seeing was in store.  So we were off to Plymouth this time.

Waterside in Plymouth

A beautiful park

A replica of a CSS Abermarle and Iron Clad Ram

Oh dear a bear up the tree.  Oddly enough he wasn't real.
Another view of the iron clad

Came to find out these little guys are around all over.
Some more flowers
Okay this sculpture was awesome!

Sandy and I playing around with this guy.  Actually got our guys to take our pictures.

Yes these two loved the old boat

Sandy and I liked it for its peeling paint and textures

The lighthouse museum was unfortunately closed.

After a long walk around the park it was time for a little lunch.  We walked into town and found a wonderful restaurant called "Stellas".  Yes we all did the popular scene from Street Car Named Desire.  Stellaaaaaaaa~!!!!  The food was awesome and the conversation was even better.  Nothing like getting a little guidance from a friend, thanks Jeff!

We loved what was listed under Deserts on Stella's menu

Our dear friends the Bacons

Loved this clock

This sign says it all

Just a little sweetness

Our time with the Bacons came to and end that afternoon as they had plans at the marina and we had some "chores" to attend to on the trailer.  It was a perfect couple of days with such wonderful friends.

On the way back to the campground I had Mike stop by a cotton field.  Okay I know it was crazy, but I had never seen this much cotton nor had the opportunity to see it up close.  It was truly a little adventure.  Mike pulled over on the side of the road and I hopped out, camera in had, of course.  The field itself was massive.  It was hard to believe that all these little plants would soon become some type of cloth.  In the fields you could see big rolls of it, similar to rolls of hay we see in the fields in Ohio.  

Massive fiends of cotton

Really a simple and beautiful plant

That night after dinner we were treated by a breathtaking sunset over the Pungo River right behind our campsite.  While out taking pictures we were joined by a young man that was spending the night at the campground on his way to Key West.  He was a professional photographer.  What a great evening for photography.

A perfect ending to a perfect day!!!

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