Saturday, December 5, 2015

Less than 3 months

On Friday afternoon, after I returned from a wonderful morning spent at Winterfair with one of my best ladies, Julie, Mike and I headed out to New Jersey.  New Jersey you say, why would one go there in December?  Well first we wanted to visit an old navy buddy of Mike's and..........wait for it....wait for it.
Yes it's true, we lasted a little less than three months before we made the dive into another boat.  Okay, let me explain.  First off this new/used boat is a 25 foot Catalina Sailboat much smaller than the Lady J and yes a sailboat.  We (or shall I say I) had pretty much conceded to the fact that my darling hubby was going to have some kind of boat, one way or another.  It's in his blood and it is what makes this man so incredibly happy.  This one is small enough to trailer any where we like (within the 48), but big enough to live on for a couple weeks at a time, at least I hope so.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Some of the displays at Winterfair

As I said earlier we left Friday afternoon after I had spent a wonderful morning/early afternoon with my sudo big sis Julie.  We had a great time walking around Winterfair.  For those that are not familiar with this venue it takes place the first weekend in December in Columbus.  It is a juried art show and it is just a wonderful place for people like Julie and I and anyone else for that matter that enjoys all types of art that you can buy.  Yes I did buy some wearable art (earrings), hey he was getting a boat I figured I could get a couple pairs of earrings.  We ended the day with a yummy lunch at Ding Ho's.  I hurried home from there where when I arrived Mike was literally waiting at the door for me.  He was loading the truck even before I got out of it.  Can we say EXCITED to get going. So by 2:30 p.m. on Friday we were on our way.

We drove for about 5 hours an ended up in Breezewood, PA, knowing that we could not make the whole trip to New Jersey in one night.  Stopped at a hotel for the night.  The hotel wasn't much for the outside but wow was it clean.  We both got a huge kick out of the original bathroom which was surprisingly still in excellent condition.  Yes I took a picture, can we say vintage green tile!

I know it's weird to photograph the bathroom, but the colors were vintage awesome!

So after a good nights sleep we were back on the road Saturday morning by 7:30 a.m.  It was a cool crisp morning and the scenery through the mountains was simply breathtaking.

I loved how the water on the windshield made these beautiful little orbs

Everything just had this thin layer of frost.

We had agreed to meet the boat broker at 12:00 noon in Avon-by-the Sea which is on the New Jersey shore.  Breaking no speed limits we made it to our meeting at exactly 12 noon.  The broker literally pulled up right behind us.  Mike showed a great deal of patience because I knew in his heart he just wanted to jump on this boat and start poking around.  First of all when we arrived into this neighborhood our jaws dropped, the homes there were HUGE! and spectacular.

This was the home of where the prior owner lived, whew it was just as beautiful inside.

These large old homes were everywhere
Then Mike saw the boat that he had only been looking on line at for at least a week or more.  I swear when we looked towards the boat it almost glowed with as much excitement as Mike was experiencing.

Our sweet little sailboat.
After two hours of climbing around the boat, talking with the owner and learning everything he could Mike made him and offer (which was lower than I had thought) and the man accepted it right away.  Hallelujah!! we will get to eat this week.  Let me tell you something about this wonderful hubby of mine.  He is relentless about doing his homework, he knows everything about something, before making a purchase of this magnitude.  The good thing is we had the money up front to pay for the whole thing and after it was all said and done we still have enough left to pay the taxes, title, insurance and registration.  Yay!!!!!!

After the deal was sealed we drove over to the shore, it was only a block away, parked the truck and went for a walk on the beach.  

This is one happy man.

The black things on the beach are literally piles of seashells that have washed up on shore.

They are still in the process of rebuilding after hurricane Sandy hit.

The shore line was just beautiful

We ended the day with a steak dinner to celebrate Mike's birthday and then a quiet evening in our hotel room.  Tomorrow we have plans to visit with Mike's old Navy buddy John and his wife Eileen.  Monday we will start our way back to Columbus with the boat where for now will stay at the Kerns residence hopefully in the barn and in the spring she will find a place up at Red Bank on Hoover Dam.   That is until we haul her over to the Erie Canal and spend a couple week there.  So yes Lori Skoog we are coming back!!!  Stay tuned more to come.  

So officially we were without a boat for less than 3 months.

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  1. Plan to spend some time in Brockport so we can do some running around!