Friday, December 11, 2015

Reviewing and cleaning out!

Well as most everyone knows we brought the sailboat we purchased in New Jersey back to Columbus on Monday.  Today we made a trip back down to our friends the Kerns and paid a visit to our boat.  Once again the Kerns are generously allowing us to leave our boat there for the winter.  We had a few things we wanted to get done before the snow flies, although that could be a while since it is supposed to be in the 70's on Sunday.  

Any way we made a trip to Mt Sterling and climbed aboard the....oh yeah we haven't named her yet, so for now it will just be "the boat".  Our goal today was to figure out the mast raising system and clear everything out of the boat and take it home to sort through.  Four hours later the task was completed.  This mast raising system was a lot more difficult than our first sailboat we owned.  We were able to get it up and no one fell off.  It's a long way down when you are on the hard.

Mast is up!

Captain is still on the boat.

Couple of things about our new boat.  First it is a little younger than the Lady J.  This one is a 1989, where the Lady J was a 1973.  This one is in much better condition and cleaner, not as many battle scars.  There will be a lot less that we have to do to her to get her comfortable for us to spend time on.

A couple specifics about this boat:

Catalina 25 Sailboat (25 feet)
Fixed wing keel
8 foot beam
10 horse inboard diesel

Compared to the Lady J
36 Foot Gulfstar Trawler
3 foot draft
12 foot beam
2 - 85 horse diesel engines

BIG difference in boats.  The Lady J was considered a live aboard type of boat where the Catalina is considered a day-weekender boat.  We do however plan to use this boat to cruise across the Erie Canal (again) and hopefully this time make it all the way.  Here are some photos of what she looked like before we removed all her "stuff".

A view coming down the steps inside.

The forepeak

The head sink area, which doesn't work.  We will be taking this out and putting in a storage cabinet.
We can take four steps to the galleys sink to wash our hands.

The head on this boat is a porta pot.

The view looking back towards the hatch.  Mike will be sleeping there in the opening in the back on the left.

The Galley.  Going to need a stove and some repairs made to the ice box.

Hard a work stepping the mast.

After everything was stripped out.  This will be our table that folds up out of the way.  Mike already has revisions planned for this one.  (Imagine that)

So our first day of work on this little sweet sail is finished.  Now time for planning, refinishing, organizing and learning new systems.  

Stay tuned for more updates.

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