Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter has arrived in Ohio

Well Ohio received their first round of winter weather.  Hard to believe that we are into our second full week of January and just getting our first snow.  No complaints from me.  Mike and I decided to stay hunkered down and just enjoy the fact that we have a warm, dry place to stay.

Mike enjoying a good book while the snow just kept a coming.

The bad weather actually began on Sunday.  That evening we received a phone call from our youngest daughter telling us that they had returned from their weekend visiting family only to find out they had no electricity.  Hmm 2 adults, 1 toddler, 1 dog, no electricity, not a good situation.  So they asked if our Grandson could stay with us over night and they would tough it out.  I said absolutely not!  You will all come and stay the night where it is warm and where the electricity was on and working well.  So that they did, about an hour later they were walking in the door.  Mike and I were so happy that we were here to help them out.  We squeezed everybody into a comfortable place to sleep for the night and it really did go well.  Besides the following day we got to keep Jacob while our daughter and our son in law went to work.  Yay!

Snuggling with Nana before bedtime

This is a wonderful face to wake up to.

In the morning with Papa watching cartoons


Sometimes feeding snacks to the dog.

Reading books

Laughing, laughing

and laughing some more

Went out for a little bit to ride to the store.

We enjoyed our time with this little guy and with his parents.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent indoors reading, working on projects, doing some housework and for me knitting.  

Started a second knitting project, sweater I am working on is in the background.

Finished second project in an evening.  New hat for Jacob, seems he's outgrowing his other one.

After several days being cooped up in the condo Mike and I decided today was the day to get out!  It was warming up, snow was melting and we were getting antsy to go exploring.  So we headed up north to Delaware to check out a couple of antique stores and have some lunch at the Hamburger Inn.

Love me a red barn

A little market along the way

I have a thing for railroad tracks, preferably ones that don't have trains coming towards me.

We first stopped at the Hamburger Inn in downtown Delaware, OH (16 N. Sandusky Street).  It's a small place with only counter seating, but the counter is shaped like and E, so there are lots of places to sit.  We enjoyed the hamburgers, with their fresh baked buns, Mike had a bowl of chili that was great and then ended the meal with one of their awesome cinnamon rolls (we split one, they are huge).  The food was great, service was awesome.  You can tell it's a hometown place, seemed like the wait staff knew pretty much everyone by name. The owner made a point of coming around to everyone just to chat for a while.  We have been there before and will absolutely go back again.

Downtown Delaware

After lunch we visited a couple different antique stores.  Back in the day (when we owned a house and had space) we visited antique stores and flea markets with regularity.  Today's visit was a lot of fun, but for different reasons.  As Mike so wonderful described it, going to antique stores is kind of like looking back at your childhood and seeing things that remind you of days gone buy.  Okay that kind of made us sound like we are older than we are, but you get the idea.  

Oh the days of red handled utensils 

It was a wonderful afternoon. I suggest if you have time make a trip to Delaware, OH and spend some time walking around and visiting all the wonderful shops, and restaurants. We will be back to see more of the town at a later date.  

Afterwards we did stop by Alum Creek to check out their boat yard facilities.  It was so quiet and deserted, but seeing that it's winter that's normal.  I can't wait till spring returns.

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  1. A busy day. Thanks for taking us along. The photo of Mike and your grandson watching cartoons is very special.