Saturday, March 26, 2016

Almost ready to go!

This has been one kind of a week.  Mike and I have both been so sick that there were a couple of days we didn't get far from our recliners.  For that to happen we both have got to be SICK.  Mike had a terrible cold that seemed to last forever and then mine went into a sinus infection and bronchitis.  We are still not completely back to normal.  Being sick for that long really takes it out of you.  Bouncing back is definitely taking a bit longer than we had expected.

On top of that we are leaving in less than a week.  We have plans to meet up with some of Mike's family down in Edisto Island, SC and then stop in to see Jeff and Sandy Bacon on our way back and then make our way up to the New Bern area to look at some house.  Yes I said houses.  Our lease on the condo is up in September and we REALLY DON'T WANT TO renew the lease.  So its time to figure out what we are going to do.

But how about we talk about a couple of the updates we did to the camper today in preparation for our trip next week.

Mike worked on replacing the faucet in the bathroom.  For some reason when they installed the faucet at the manufacturers they installed such a short necked one that you can't even wash your hands underneath it.  So Mike picked us up a new one and worked on taking out the old and putting in the new.  Well as he put it a 10 minute job turned into an hour job.  The old faucet was "torked" on so tight he literally had to take apart the sink just to get to the fittings.  But he was victorious and we now have a new faucet.  Oops didn't take a picture of the new one.  Later.

We then moved on to the bunks.  We just loved how these turned out.  We still have one more modification to complete back here but for now this space is 200% more usable than what it was before.
Bunk area before reno

After we have made our modifications.

Mike then installed the over the door arches, that previously had been covered in that oh so ugly brown fabric.  I opted to pain this saying on the main door entrance.

Then this is the one that he installed in the bathroom on the second outside entrance.  Yes there is a door to the outside in our bathroom.  I guess they figure if you are outside and need to use the bathroom you can use this door and not traipse through the whole trailer.

We were able to get some non-perishable food loaded up along with most of our clothing (since we will need summer clothing).  Things are coming along but we still have a couple of more things to do.  I am finding it difficult when I am working full time (hopefully not for long) to get things done and then throw in being sick all week, actually still am.  Oh as Mom used to say "this too shall pass".  We are both looking forward to getting on the road again, it has been a while and we are getting a little anxious to get back out there.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Renovations continue!

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here.  I am back to work supposedly part time, but for a couple of weeks it has been full time.  Mike has had jury duty the last two weeks so in between all of this we have been working on some of the renovations to the travel trailer.  And of course you also need to throw in the mix our new puppy Millie.

Mike continued to work on the back bunk area, while I made curtains, pillows and finished up covering the valances.  Below are some photos taken in the last couple of weeks.
Painting the inside of the new storage cabinet

I did some painting of my own on the door insert of the cabinet

Worked on some new pillows for the dinette.

There must be chaos before all is put together.

New Cabinet installed and the smaller bunks are in, Yipee!

Mike in yet another awkward position install curtain rods

New bedroom curtains and valance

Things are beginning to come together but still a lot to do before we leave in April

Cut down the existing bunk cushions and was able to cut down the existing covers
so I didn't have to make brand new ones.

Mike working on plans for a small fold out table for back in the bunk area
It was a busy, busy day be a very productive one.  Just a couple more smaller projects to complete and we will be ready to go April 2nd.    

This little one takes away time from our projects but oh she is so worth it.
Miss Millie the traveling pup.