Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station Campground

Well we have been in the New Bern area (actually Havelock right now) for a couple of days looking at houses.  Yes our plan is to settle here in North Carolina, the New Bern area.  We are tired of the cold wintery weather and want to enjoy our retirement where it's warmer and we will have more opportunity to use the sailboat and travel trailer.  We are currently staying at a nice campground located at the Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station.  It's a nice clean and well equipped facility and the price is awesome.  Took a walk tonight with my favorite guy and our pup.

Oh the Spanish Moss

We found a new house with a BIG yard just for me!

During our walk this evening we heard from our realtor and the offer we put in on a house down here was accepted.  We will soon be North Carolinians!  Yay!!!!

By the way the sunset here at Cherry Point was just wonderful.]]]

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nights walk on Sunset Beach

There are not words to describe the beautiful evening stroll we had on Sunset Beach so I am going to let the photos do the talking.

Another four legged friend, Pearl, we met along the way! Schnauzers rule!!!!

Mike standing on the head of my shadow

More shadow fun,  wow look how long my legs are, finally!

Vereen Memorial Gardens, LIttle River, SC

One afternoon while staying near Little River South Carolina, we stopped by a lovely place called Vereen Memorial Gardens. (Thanks Sandy for the heads up on this one) Its a beautiful place filled with wonderful wildlife, flowers, trees and a view of the ICW.  Absolutely worth the stop.

The Azaleas were in full bloom

Shoreline made up of Oyster Shells

Saw this on a hand rail

Beautiful views of the ICW

Even got a glimpse of the casino boat floating by.

Gorgeous day for a walk.

A run at Flanners Beach, Croatan National Park.

Millie had her first visit to the Neuse River.  After leaving the Bacons, we headed up to Croatan National Park and pulled our land yacht into Flanners Beach Campground.  During our stay here Miss Millie made a visit to the Flanners Beach and the Neuse River.  She is still not sure of the water, but she did meet another new friend.

Still not sure about the water.
Maybe if I lay low this new friend will come see me.

Yay it worked.  All these new beach friends.

Running in the sand is my favorite part.

Come on Dad we need to see this side too.
Mom is always taking pictures of crazy thing.

Ok time to go back to the camper for a nice nap.

Awesome visit to Flanners Beach