Thursday, April 14, 2016

A run at Flanners Beach, Croatan National Park.

Millie had her first visit to the Neuse River.  After leaving the Bacons, we headed up to Croatan National Park and pulled our land yacht into Flanners Beach Campground.  During our stay here Miss Millie made a visit to the Flanners Beach and the Neuse River.  She is still not sure of the water, but she did meet another new friend.

Still not sure about the water.
Maybe if I lay low this new friend will come see me.

Yay it worked.  All these new beach friends.

Running in the sand is my favorite part.

Come on Dad we need to see this side too.
Mom is always taking pictures of crazy thing.

Ok time to go back to the camper for a nice nap.

Awesome visit to Flanners Beach

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