Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Awesome Brunch and a trip to Beaufort, SC

What a great day it has been.  We started the morning off stopping by Mike's camper (our nephew) over by the beach and enjoyed an amazing brunch he had prepared along with Bridget a friend of his. What a great time we had and the food was exceptional.

Shucking Oysters

Making a fritatta

What an awesome spread these two put on for us!

After brunch we decided to head over to Beaufort, SC.  On our way we stopped at the Carolina Cherry Company and picked up some Muscadine and Peach Cider, oh it is so refreshing. In Beaufort we enjoyed a wonderful narrated horse drawn carriage ride through the city.  Oh those southern homes.  Found out something new on the tour, when the ceiling of a front porch is painted black that means something terrible happened there (scandal, death, murder, etc.).  Odd but true.

This was such a fun little place and the ladies running it were delightful.

The pies were brought in fresh everyday.

May have to make something like this for a new planter.

Brought back some of the Peach and Muscadine cider, YUM!

All kinds of fun things.

When porch ceilings are painted black this means that something terrible happened there, strange but true.

This house was built by a northerner, look no porch, boo!

This tree is over 100 years old and is called the hanging tree, at it was used for exactly what it says.

Bill our horse from  our carriage.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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