Monday, April 4, 2016

Traveling Days

Our first trip of the season.  So excited to get back on the road again.  This trip we plan to make it to Edisto Island, SC to meet up with our nephew JB and his wife Sheryl along with their boys, also our other nephew Michael plans to join us.  We will spend 4 days here, yes we have already made it, then leave Thursday morning to head up to the North Myrtle Beach area to meet up with the Bacons and plan to spend a couple of days visiting with them.  Then we will make our way up to the New Bern area and start looking at some houses.  Have plans to meet with a realtor on Monday the 11th.  After that who knows.

Below are some pictures I took during our drive.

Yes I have a thing for old barns

Views from along the road
The first two "traveling days" have gone pretty well.  We got an early start Saturday morning.  We were on the road by 8:00 a.m.  The sun was shining and the temps were cool, but we were hoping it would warm up the further south we traveled.  Our first stop was Ft Chiswell, VA. As most everyone by now knows this was our first trip with our new puppy Millie.  So far so good.  She only got sick on the first day and from then on has been awesome!!!!  We now only feed her a little bit in the morning.  We stop every two hours to stretch our legs, take her for a walk.  Not sure who needs it more, her or us.  She sleeps in her kennel in the back seat and we have yet to hear a peep out of her.  Way to go 

Millie out enjoying a walk in the sun during one of our stops
Yes you can add clouds to one of my "things"

So we arrived in Ft. Chiswell late afternoon on Saturday.  It was your typical RV Park, but that was okay since we were only going to be here for a night.  After moving to a second spot we were able to get set up pretty quickly.  The new stabilizer bars that Mike bought really do the trick and keep the trailer from "wiggling" back and forth.  Let me add here that by this time the wind had picked up to epic proportions.  The sky was blue and sunny, but lordy the wind just about knocked us off our feet.  I must admit there were times it was a bit of a challenge for Mike when driving the truck/trailer in this wind.  But as always he did an amazing job.  So after getting settled we took Millie for a walk.  The campground was right next to a sheep farm.

Guardian of the sheep.

It really was a beautiful day despite the wind.

Time to go back!

I fixed an quick dinner and realized when I went to clean up we had no dish soap.  Ugh the trials of your first trip out for the season and realizing there were still some things that you hadn't brought back to the camper.  Oh well luckily the hot water tank was working fine so I cleaned up the best I could.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and listening to the ferocious wind outside rock the trailer back and forth.  We opted not to turn the heater on since we like it cooler at night and figured it wouldn't get too cold.  Huh! were we WRONG!!!!  I woke up Sunday morning, teeth chattering and seriously not wanting to get out of bed.  I rolled over to Mike, nudged him a bit and said PLEASE go turn the heater on.  See we had never used it before and were not really sure how it worked.  Well Mike the wonderful husband he is got out of bed and started in on it.  Well it wasn't working, imagine that!  So we spent a very chilling morning filling up on hot coffee and snuggling with Millie (to keep her warm, or was that to keep us warm).  Later in the morning Mike was able to get it fixed and it warmed up quite nicely.    

Hot coffee and snuggles what more can you ask for.

So we were off, another 7 hours or so before we reached our destination of Edisto Island, SC.  We arrived there around 4:30.  The camp ground is quiet nice, snugged in a large grove of trees.  It had been a long day and we had decided we would meet up with family on Monday. So we had dinner and afterwards took a short drive to the ocean.

Love the tree canopies

This little guy was trying his best to climb back up his string

Beautiful views

My heart really does love the beach

Someone must have been doing some serious building earlier in the day

We are so happy to be here and are looking forward to spending time with family.  Who knows what Monday will bring.

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