Thursday, May 19, 2016

Figuring out the Rigging.

Day 2, boat rigging.  Well we definitely made some progress.  We spent three hours in the beautiful bright sun diligently working on rigging the boat. This time we were able to complete everything.  Fixed the line that broke yesterday, raised the mast, installed the boom, bend on the sails (okay Mike gave me that last one to say). Then we tried to figure out the bimini and discovered there seemed to be no visible means of support so that will need a little to do a little renovating.  I sorted through the remainder of items down below and organized everything so we could make our way through the cabin.

It was a very busy 3 hours and at the end of those 3 hours we were exhausted.  It's amazing how in 5 years your stamina can change.  So we decided to end the day and make our way back home besides Miss Millie needed to be let out.  Tomorrow we will get an early start, that is after one more trip to West Marine and then get her in the water.  In case you are wondering we still have not come up with a name for our little Catalina.

Time to reposition the mast for raising

I steadied the mast while Mike was positioning the mast.

I rigged up a pole and used the hook from a bungie cord so that Mike could reach one of the lines

A few more adjustments
One beautiful sail

Now work on the jib

Tools of the job

Love those legs

Laying down on the job

She's in her spot and waiting to hit the water Friday.

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