Thursday, June 23, 2016

And now on to the next chapter...

It's Thursday morning, June 23, 2016.  Not sure why I started this post out with the date, but it's significant to me. First today would have been my parents 65th wedding anniversary.  I miss them everyday but know they are together watching over all of us.
Julie and Bill Ramin

On days like today I wish that I could pick up the phone and give them a call to share with them all the amazing things that are going on in my life at this moment.  But since that's not possible I take comfort in knowing they see what is going on and are with me every step of the way.

After almost a year of "hanging out" and trying to figure out what our next adventure in this thing called life is going to be, Mike and I picked up the keys and opened the door to our next adventure.

Unlocking the door to our next adventure.

Yes folks we are now the new owners of a wonderful home in New Bern, NC.  Woo Hoo!!!

After the past two weeks of spending time with our grandkids, their parents and all the other wonderful family, we headed down to NC to finally pick up the keys and take that first step into this next phase of our lives together.  The past two weeks have been wonderful and stressful all at the same time.  Spending time with our family well that has been OUTSTANDING!

Taking Miles on his first camping trip in the travel trailer

Enjoying time with the Dayton/Pittsburgh part of our family in Vermillion.

Miles taking his first sail.

Jacob and his Mom during a Sunday outing to Youngs Jersey Dairy

Jacob on his bike during my couple days of babysitting this little cutie.

Having to wait to pick up the keys to our new home and worrying about the move itself, well that needless to say has been the stressful part.  

Now though that the process of moving has started the stress level has subsided a bit.  You see we officially became home owners on the 7th of June, but because of the family fun previously scheduled we pushed back our actual moving date just a bit.  

Mike and I left Tuesday morning with the truck and travel trailer both loaded to the max and headed our way down to NC.  We took 2 days to make this run as the trip is a good 10 hours and with the travel trailer Mike has to do all the driving.  Yes I (Jana) have not mastered that yet.  So in order not to pressure ourselves too much we split the journey up.  The weather has been wonderful and getting through the mountains is always a bit crazy, but Mike did an amazing job (along with our reliable truck).  

Our plan is to stay in the camper at a near by location, live in it this week while we work on the house stripping wall paper and painting along with setting up bank accounts, doctors appointments, etc.  We will go back to Columbus next week finish packing and spend the 4th of July with family.  Then on the 10th of July we make our final move. 

I must share a picture (imagine that) of some clouds we saw yesterday right before we arrived in New Bern.  They were a combination of clouds and a cloud of smoke where they had been burning off some land near by.  

There was something about them that simply caught my eye.  

So as we are sad to leave our family and friends behind we too are very excited about our new home and all the new adventures that lie ahead of us.  We have some work to do, but Mike and I thrive on having "projects" to keep us occupied.  

So June 23, 2016 will be our first full day of this next awesome adventure in this thing called LIFE! 

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