Monday, July 18, 2016

The Move!

It's been a couple of weeks since I last made a post and now that I have a little down time I thought I would get things up to date.  We are currently sitting in a hotel in Wyethville, VA with my brother Gary, his wife Christy and Zach.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

Mike and I have spent the last two weeks finishing up the packing of all our worldly possessions, make phone calls, changing accounts, all those wonderful things you have to accomplish when you move and then all the extra things you have to do when moving out of state.  Amongst all that craziness we did though take some time to see some old friends.  The week of the 4th (of July) we made a trip down to Ashville, our old neighborhood.  Wanted to visit the Ashville 4th of July celebration one last time.  On our way to watch the parade we were able to catch Mike and Pam Johnsen at their catering business.  It was so good to see both of them.

We also ran into Gayle Cummins and Len, it was great to catch up with them too.  We took a walk around the park and checked out all the people and exhibits, then took a stroll down the street we lived on for 13 years.  Ended up watching the parade from our old neighbors, Jennifer and Gabe, who lived across the street from our old house.  It was weird to sit on that side of the street to watch the parade and see the young couple who bought our old house sit on our old porch.  But it was so nice though to see others enjoying that wonderful home now.  It was good to be back for a visit but it was time to be on our way.

We also took some time to go back up to Alum Creek to make a visit to our sailboat before we left.  We knew that we wouldn't be taking it with us this time so we wanted to make sure everything was up there and in order.  We went early in the morning and ended up taking the ole girl out for a lovely morning sail.

It was great to get one last sail in up at Alum Creek.  We are not sure when we will be able to get the boat down to North Carolina as the storage lot is not yet ready for us to bring it down.  Hopefully some time in August.  Until then it will stay at Alum Creek since we have already paid for the year.

Saturday the family was over to help us pack up the 26 foot U-haul. Those folks had everything packed in 2 hours.  They seriously went above and beyond and did a fantastic job and had fun to boot.  

The grandsons were playing while Amanda while the other adults were packing.  These two were so well behaved. 

Just love these little stinkers.

What a look from the son in law.  All in fun.

Master Wrappers

Someone in Papa's chair

Me and my girl.

Yes we do serve lunch to some who don't wear shirts or shoes or even pants for that matter.

Cookie face.

Oldest grandson Miles brought us a map he drew on how to get to NC and some gas money for our trip.  How cute is that.

Sunday morning the van was packed and we were ready to go!
The moving Crew
Zach, Christy, Me, Mike

Our plan was to cut this journey into two different days.  First day destination was Wytheville, NC.  On the way down we stopped at Tamarack in West Virginia and enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch and a walk around the grounds.  Tamarack is a great stop with a wonderful location where they sell local WV artisans, the selection is just breathtaking.

A great picnic lunch

Tamarack visitor center

The local artwork for sale there is amazing.

A little abstract of a tree stump

We arrived safely on Monday afternoon and proceeded to unload 85% of the contents from the moving van.  Did I say the temperature was in the 90's and the humidity was like 80%.  Ugh!!!  But boy did our family "kick butt" when it came to unloading.  The next morning we finished the job and unpacked things like crazy.  By day three we had 85% of the things unpacked and put away so we decided we deserved some site seeing.

First stop THE BEACH!!!!! of course.   

We spent the next two days doing some site seeing and relaxing.  And in between all of that we did continue to unpack some boxes.  We went to Atlantic Beach, ate lunch in Morehead City, visited Beaufort and the Maritime Museum, bought fudge and just enjoyed the sites, even took a trolley tour in New Bern.  

Seafood lunch
Crazy hallway at the restuarant

All these clamps were in the boat building workshop that was part of the Museum

Yum!!! Fudge

So cute!

New Bern has over 20 bears around town, all different.  Zach thought these were great.

So six days later after loading, unloading, unpacking, cleaning up, site seeing and trying really hard not to sweat in the heat we returned back to Columbus to retrieve our other truck and finish up some last minute details before we head back to New Bern.  Home!