Saturday, August 6, 2016

Are we still on vacation?

Are we still on vacation?  I keep telling Mike that I still feel like we are on vacation here in New Bern.  But as he reminds me we never have worked this hard on vacation.  I can definitely say that we are settling in.  Everything is unpacked (well pretty much everything).  I stripped the last of the wall paper yesterday and yes there was wall paper in pretty much every room of this wonderful place.  Mike has his shop almost all sorted out, walls have been painted and the guest room is ready for guests.  Even though the guest bathroom is still in the works.  Should be done this weekend.

Mike painting the Carolina room, gone is the pink.

Painting all the trim that was painted a minty green.  Notice the supervisor Miss Millie making sure everything goes well.

I started working on the doors and trim at the other end of the house, Millie was watching every move.

She didn't miss a thing.

Lastest job I am working on is the guest bathroom.

Stripping the last of the wall paper.

Not only have we been working on the inside of the house but weather permitting we worked on the outside of the house too.  The weather we have found out from neighbors has been hotter than usual.  High 90's and high humidity, plus it has been rainy.

First thing on our outside list of "to dos" was take out the bushes

The bushes out back had become so overgrown we could hardly see out the windows.

Then finally last night we cut the grass.  Had to get a mower since we had none.

Mike even taught me how to use it.  Must admit it was one of my bucket list items, NO really.

I love our backyard and the trees

It's such a change from living at the condo where all you could see where other buildings.

When it was all completed it looked great.

Millie looks so little here, but she loved running around in the grass.

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