Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day trips continue

Day we still take them now that we have a house?  Of course we do.  We learned early on that to enjoy your life you must work a little and play a little and the balance of those two is crucial.  So here are a couple of day trips that we have taken lately.  Now this first one may not be something a lot of folks consider a day trip but we went out hunting for rehab materials.  We have found that down here there are a lot of Re-Stores.  If you are not familiar with Re-Stores they are run by Habitat for Humanity and there are three of these places very close to us.  This in Newport is the best.  We have found furniture, lighting, and will absolutely be back when building our shed.  

Because the temps here in NC have been hanging around the mid to high 90's day trips outside have been a little few and far between.  But we did get over to Washington, NC.  I sweet little town on the Pamlico River.

Lilly pads abound

Took a ride on the Aurora Ferry

On our way home one day we ran into this gorgeous storm rolling in.

With the heat come afternoon thunderstorms.
We did take a short trip over to Oriental, NC.  Its a small sailing town.  We did find a great nautical consignment shop.  Wow did it have EVERYTHING.  Finding anything was a bit challenging, but they had what I wanted.

Some commercial fishermen.

My find at the Nautical Consignment store

This past week were visited by what we called the welcome wagon lady.  She was a delightful woman that came for a visit and literally gave us a basket full of literature, samples gift certificates for all kinds of small business around.  One of the places she told us about was Swansboro.  We had never been there and new that it was a little under and hour away.  So off we went.

Mike said we need this for our boat.  It's almost bigger than our boat.

We stopped for lunch at Yana's.  It was pretty good food and the atmosphere was well...eclectic.

Took a walk under the bridge to the park.  

So these have been our day trips for the past couple of weeks.  So much more to explore, but we must leave those places for another day.

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