Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Love doing laundry

Laundry, yes I enjoy doing laundry.  Call me crazy, I know, but I get great satisfaction when our clothes are clean and put away.  I even like the process, sorting, washing, drying, ironing, folding, etc., etc., etc.  I believe I made a post long ago on another blog of mine where I simply talked about ironing.  So one of the selling points about this new house of ours was the laundry area.

In Ashville (our first house) I had a small closed room, more like a closet, next to the furnace that my washer and dryer sat in, with an awesome laundry/hamper/folding table (that Mike built)sitting just outside the space.  It worked, but it was not quite a "laundry room".  Well now I have one and it's finished.  Well it was in pretty good shape before I got my hands on it, but it just didn't have any personality.

So I came up with an idea to make this new laundry room more efficient and happier.  I told Mike what I was looking for and our task for this room was to not purchase anything new, and to only make things out of what we already had.

So first thing was some color.  I had about a half a gallon of some turquoise paint left over from some furniture I had painted earlier in the year and since it was Behr paint (I love Behr paint) I knew it would cover the area I needed.  So I began the arduous process of cleaning, and taping the area.  Now I am not sure this room had been dusted and or cleaned in quite some time so it literally took me longer to clean the room before hand than to actually paint it.  (No photos of that process.)

Laundry room before, not bad but no color, no personality.  

After a good coat of paint and some embellishments 
One problem we ran into was when we pulled the dryer away from the wall the dryer hose pretty much disintegrated.  Bless his heart it took Mike a good portion of the day to get this crazy thing removed and a new one put in.  This project took so long because they literally ran the house under the house with two 45 degree angles and Mike had to literally saw away part of the floor and wall to access the old hose and be able to install the new one.  And did I tell you we have a brick exterior. But his persistence  prevailed and he was able to conquer this beast.

I have said it before and I will say it again "I AM BLESSED TO BE MARRIED TO SUCH A TALENTED MAN!!!"

One other thing I love about my laundry room is the laundry tub.  This is the first one I've had and I love it.  Being a crafty one I always have something that needs cleaned out, brushes, pallets, towels, etc.  But in order for me to paint behind it, Mike had to remove it.  He had a little help from our Miniature Schnauzer "Miss Mille".  

Love my cute little laundry tub
Below the tub was a bit "gnarly" looking so I used some left over fabric from a previous chair project and made a skirt to hid the crud.  So that there wouldn't be a constant towel laying around, which is what has been happening lately, Mike once again out did himself and came up with a towel rack he made out of some scrap lumber from his workshop.  "Score"  I also covered the light switch plates with some craft paper and decoupage and added a sheet of plastic behind the faucet to keep the paint and water splatter to a minimum.  This piece was originally behind the stove in the kitchen. I am a messier crafter than I am cook.

Freezer space
When we first looked at this house, this space housed a full size freezer.  The owner asked us if we wanted it and I opted for no, since it is only Mike and I the freezer on the fridge in the kitchen would be fine.  So when it was gone it left this weird space in this room.  We turned that space into the folding area and place for the clothes baskets.  The clothes rod above was an old one I found in the attic here.  Mike used parts of a bed that used to be our grandson Miles to make the frame of the shelving unit.  The boards on the side are more of the boards that we had from the condo when they took down the old patio fence.  Wow we have gotten a lot of use out of those things.  The vinyl letters on the wall are left over from some old boat lettering that Mike wasn't using.

I added a few fun things like an old iron that my dear friend Katie Dum gave me, along with some clothes pins that were my Mom's, a large clothes pin I dug out of a box of stuff that was my sister in laws and a soap dish that I had picked up at a yard sale years and years ago.  

And then I saw a cute sign on Pintrest and decided to make one of my own out of yes you guessed it, more of that fencing material. I finished the place off with a rug that I had gotten earlier in the year at a yard sale for less than $5.00.  So no money was spent (other than the new dryer hose) and I now have a fun place to do my laundry.  Master Bed Room is next on the list.

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