Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This is why...

It's been almost a month now that Mike and I have officially and completely lived here in North Carolina.  It is still hard to believe that we no longer live in Ohio where we both grew up.  But tonight when we looked at the North Carolina license plate on the truck we both looked at each other and said "hey we are no longer out of towners". (Ok that last word is not real, but you know what I am saying.)

As most of you know we have spent the last month, or so, working on making the house our home, which has meant we haven't really had much time to get out and well, discover the area or meet new friends.  Besides the heat has been a bit of a deterrent.  At dinner on Tuesday we had a talk about our decision we made to move here and where each of us was mentally in that process.  I am happy to say we are both at about the same stage in this process.  And yes it has been a process.  Leaving your family and basically the only town you have ever lived in has not been an easy thing, but it was something we both wanted to do.  You get to a certain point, where you think, wow there is no going back, you've signed the papers, moved the furniture, got the drivers license, and tags for the vehicles this is for real and you are not on vacation.  It's scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

After our discussion at dinner we decided to hop in the car and go enjoy one of the main reasons we moved to this area, the OCEAN.

This was the view tonight as we were driving over the New Bern Bridge

I get this overwhelming feeling of peace when I see all this beautiful expanse of water.

A view to downtown New Bern and some beautiful clouds

Crossing the ICW to get to the beach

The entrance to Fort Macon State Park Beach.  I seriously felt like a little kid on Christmas while I was climbing this hill.

I love the fact that he enjoys this as much as I do.

Can't help but think of my daughter Amanda when I see these little birds that she likes so much.

Selfies with a big ole DSLR camera is not easy, but this turned out ok.

Can't you just hear the waves rolling in.  I could listen to this forever.

A trip to the beach is what we needed to remind us why we moved here.  This is why...


  1. We are so happy for you. Your stunning photos help bring us there with you.

    1. We are both looking forward to a visit from you folks, it will then truly seem like home.

  2. How far are you from that beach? I would have to spend a lot of time there! Love the photos.

    1. We are about an hours drive from this beach. It is well worth the drive. What we forgot to take into consideration is that it gets darker soon on the east coast so we were running out of daylight. Next time we will plan accordingly. Love being here you should come for a visit.