Monday, August 15, 2016

This n that and a few other things.

It was another hot one here in New Bern.  The temps were working their way up to the mid 90's with a heat index in the 100's.  So our plan for the morning was to get an early start and head out to the Farmers market and then walk over to the car show in town.  The farmers market was great as usual.  We stopped to talk with Curtis a fellow photographer, that coincidentally have photos of downtown Columbus for sale.  And then saw our neighbors Betty and Steve at their booth, where they make amazing art out of corks from wine bottles.  I will work on getting pics of these folks later. 

After a quick run through the market we walked down the street to the auto show and what a show it was.  They had blocked off two whole streets and the side streets off of them to hold all the cars.  I seriously have never seen so many vintage cars on display.  Now personally I am not much into cars except for a good looking 1965 Candy Apple red mustang convertible (my one and only dream car), but there were some real beauties there.  Below is a small sampling of the cars that were on display.

I haven't seen that much chrome since back in the days of riding the Harley.  Well after two hours of walking around on the hot asphalt it was time to head back home.  

We spent most of the weekend just hanging out at the house, really too hot to do much of anything.  Although by Sunday evening we were both, well actually I was feeling a bit house bound.  So we braved the warm weather once again and headed to downtown New Bern.  I was amazed at how many folks were at the park where the Trent River meets the Neuse River.  It really is a great place to walk around, even in 90 degree weather.  

This little swan stood out amongst all the ducks.

The loooonnnnggg bridge over to downtown New Bern

The house in the background is big enough to house a small country.  But it's a beauty.

Sun was starting to set behind the hotel.

We stopped by the marina downtown where all the BIG boats are docked.
Whew there is some serious bucks tied up on these docks.
The red tug reminded me of our friends from Sea Bear that we met last summer.

This little guy was crabbing, not catching much yet, but he was being so patient.

Michael loved this spectacular Schooner.

Remnants of some old docks

Unique sculptures made from old car parts.

Beautiful evening sky.

Good night New Bern!

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