Saturday, August 13, 2016

What have you done to the place?

Updates on what you have done to the place is the request I have received lately.  So I thought I would dedicate this post to showing some of what we have accomplished in the last month since moving to New Bern.

First know that this house was in really good condition when we bought it.  It has great bones.  Just needed to be made into "our place".  So we stripped wall paper in literally EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE, painted, built, moved, revamped, put away and just put our "stamp" on it.

Above is the view from the back yard.  We have already cut down all the bushes that were hiding the back of the house.  The deck itself is in pretty good shape but not so much for the lattice work around the end of it.  Mike has already taken this down.  This fall we will pull out the stumps from the bushes and finish pulling out the ones in the front of the house.  For now though it's way to hot and humid to be doing this kind of work so inside we will work.

To us getting the guest bedroom and bathroom livable was most important to us since we really want family and friends to come for a visit.  So the bedroom was painted white, we purchased two single beds, figuring this would be a more usable set up depending on who comes.

The chair and dresser where dumpster finds, well trash day finds actually, but they fit in here just great, specially after  a good cleaning, paint and some new fabric.

Two comfortable beds with hand made quilts.  The one on the right I made a couple of years ago and the one on the left my Grandmother made back in 1935. (yes the date is on it)

With the bedroom so goes the bathroom.  One of the things that attracted us to this particular house is that the guests stay on one side of the house and our bedroom/bathroom are on the other side.  That way guest get the feeling of some privacy.

The guest bathroom was covered floor to ceiling with pink flowered wall paper and border print.  All of that came down and up went another shade of white.  Yes I said white, well kind of an off white.  For anyone that knows me this is not usually the way I do rooms but I am beginning to enjoy the simplicity of a white room, this way if I want to change things around a little I can do so with fabric and accessories.

Another thing about the bathrooms in this place is that they all came with contractor grade "stuff" you know cabinets, mirrors, etc.  BORING!  But I decided to put my creativity to good use and beefed up the mirror a bit.  I bought 4 sheets of tiles at $3.99 a piece, cut them all apart.  Yes this was a tedious process but so worth it.  Then glued them all to the mirror making a border.  It was a fairly easy job, laying out the tiles and figuring how to get around the support hooks was the hardest part.  

All the tiles had to be taken off the backing and trimmed down clean

A little extra pizzaz in the corners
The change to the mirror made a difference and the light I found at the Habitat ReStore, painted and found new shades there all for $11.00
The towel hanger is a coat rack from our old house that I had Mike cut down.

A little shiny bling for the bath along with one of my photos.
The kitchen was actually one of the first rooms we finished.  It too like all the others was covered in wall paper, floor to ceiling.  We opted for two shades of gray as we have coral counter tops that right now are going to stay.  I don't have a photo of the actual kitchen but below is the eating area at the end of the kitchen space.

This shows the view to the backyard as well as the entrance to the dining room and carolina room

This past week I was finally able to get some photos up on the wall, family goes in the kitchen

And yes I laid it out on the floor before hanging.

One of the things we accomplished this week was to get our drivers license
and new plates for the trucks.  We didn't want to give up our Ohio
 plates so we made it into something useful.  ALWAYS A BUCKEYE!
Carolina Room
One of our favorite places in the whole house is the Carolina Room.  It's bright and airy, and looks out into our back yard.  I bought this funky love seat at the Habitat Re-Store.  It was in great shape and just funky enough to be fun and very comfortable.  It's my favorite place to sit in the morning with my cup of coffee and Millie the wonder pup.

The view from my favorite seat in the house.

We have finished the living room but I have no photos of that right now, I'll show those at a later date.    Our home is not a designer showcase, it's a compilation of several trash to treasure projects and treasured pieces from our former homes.  It's a comfortable place where putting your feet up and relaxing is a must!  I look forward to many wonderful years here.

P.S. (Will update when the master bedroom and bath are finished, but that won't be for a while.)

Ya'll come and visit now ya hear!


  1. That love seat in the Carolina Room is my favorite!

    1. Mine too Lori, I just absolutely love this room and that we actually have a view.