Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dining Room Table Top

We have lived here in New Bern now for a total of 2 months as of today.  Woo hoo!!!  Okay enough of that.  After Mike spent a couple of hours this morning mudding the joints on the new shower stall. A post all its own will be made on that whole project.  We'll just say for now our old shower "cracked under pressure".  We hopped in the truck and drove into town.  I had plans to stop at a used bookstore to pick up an old book to use as an art journal (thank you Sandy Bacon) and then we had a couple of other errands to run.  Well the original place that I was going to pick up a book was no longer in business so we went in search of a small town grocery store named Armstrong's.  We had a coupon for one free bottle of wine that we were given when we first moved in so we wanted to pick this up before it expired.  It was an interesting little store, kind of a wine store meets a small Sam's Club.  But they had great prices on wine so we picked up a few things.

On our way into town I remembered a place that some folks we met on Friday had talked about Precision Moulding & Woodworks, Inc.  Since I was driving right by I thought what the heck and we pulled in.  Besides I had a feeling it might get me some "good wife" points.  Well this place lived up to everything we had heard about it.  It's owned by a gentleman named Bill and his daughter Nancy.  This amazing place from what Nancy told us was her fathers retirement project.  Wow was all we could say.  Mike looked like he had died and gone to heaven when he walked into the place.  Check out their website at

This table was going into an architects office.  It was spectacular wood from and 1890's cotton mill.

Just beautiful

They do a lot of restoration work

Just stacks and stacks of reclaimed lumber

Pieces of this will hopefully turn into our dining room table.

Someone seriously did not want to leave this place.  Couldn't much blame him.

This wood flooring from a 1920's warehouse will work great for a table top.

The guys working on gluing up a special made work bench for a customer

Owners daughter Nancy checking out the progress.

Nancy the daughter took us for a good half hour tour of workshop and lumber yard.  We picked out the wood that we are thinking we want to use for the top of the dining room table that Mike will be building.   Its flooring from a 1920's factory that was torn down.  When we are ready we can go back and pick out literally each piece of wood that we want to use.  I can't say enough of this company and how friendly the owners and employees were.  

I couldn't help but think about our nephew Michael while we were there and how much he would have absolutely loved this place.  For now though we returned home to continue work on the shower and save our pennies for those "sticks".  

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