Monday, September 5, 2016

Master is COMPLETE

This past week we started and finished the last room makeover.  We left the master bedroom for last.  I must say that this room out of all the ones we have made over I love the best.

First here is a picture of the when we first looked at the house.  Remember there was a very sweet older woman who owned the home before us so it was decorated how she enjoyed it.

I think one of the aspects of this house that I loved so much was this bay window.  But as I said before and older lady owned the place and it just wasn't our style.  So out went the border print and in came the paint.

The headboard we had made in our last place.  We made it from old fencing. 

The curtain rod is obviously an oar.  The curtains I actually found in the children's department of Target on sale.

After Mike cleaned up this oar that I found in a marine resale shop I noticed it had CAMELOT carved on it.

We opted to paint the whole room white except for the bay window wall
which we painted navy blue

This gorgeous sailing sculpture was my sister in laws uncles.
He passed away recently and she asked if I wanted it.
I couldn't believe how PERFECTLY it fit in this space.  Its old and I love it.

All the pieces of furniture (except for the mattress) were either given to us
 or we purchased them very inexpensively at auctions, flea market, yard sales.

The lamps next to the bed have been repainted now 4 times over the course of the past 15 years.
They have a great shape, but just need the color adjusted to fit the space.

So now that all the rooms are completed.  Well we still have to build the dining room table, but that will be coming.  We can now work on getting the boat in the water.  (tomorrow)  This past week Mike finally decided on a name and I worked on making some lettering and numbers for him.  Thank heavens for my Cricut.

She's finally got a name.

We will be putting her in the water here and then cruising across the Neuse River
about 8 miles to our dock here in Fairfield Harbor.

Our dock which is about 2 block from the house.

Here's hoping for fair weather and following seas tomorrow.

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