Thursday, October 27, 2016

This is where it begins, the table that is...

On Tuesday we took another trip over the Precision Molding and Woodwork shop.  They had pulled the pallets of wood that we would be choosing our wood for our dining room table.  You see the wood we will be using is flooring taken from a 1920's warehouse.  Mike and a couple of the guys working their spent a while going through literally each board to pick out 12 boards that would work for this project.  I can hardly wait to see what Mike is going to do with these awesome boards.

After picking out the lumber we rode by the marina in town and found the Red Head was docked there.  The folks that own this awesome boat are the couple that run "Active Captain".  For those of you not familiar with this its an on line resource for boaters when it comes to navigation, marinas, and waterway conditions.  

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