Friday, December 22, 2017

Last Trip to Ohio for the year, part 3

 Friday we had planned to have our two older grandsons for the day.  Miles who is 6 and Jacob who is 3,  Brice our 3rd Grandson is not quite a year so he was a bit to small for this adventure.  Once we had both boys in hand we headed over to the Main Public Library here in Columbus which is located downtown.  Our goal was to see the train display that Huntington National Bank puts on every year.
Riding in the elevator

My little guys at the awesome train display, what really great is it's all free to see.

These two little guys just stole my heart from the beginning.  They were loving the trains.

Looked at those trains from all view points.

After a good half hour at the train display we headed out to discover what the rest of the place had to show us.

Oh what wonderful things to see.

The old front of the building.  Oh how it has changed over the years.

After a wonderful visit at the Metropolitan Library we headed over to the Columbus Museum of Art to see the Lego display.

Running around the steel structure out front of the museum.
What they had been waiting for all day...the LEGOS

What an amazing display

After we saw the Lego display we then sat down and built things with the legos

Of course a Lego movie

Even Papa made some creations

Miles even added his to the wall
Even a Brutus the Buckeye made from Legos.

After the Legos we stopped along the way at several different stations where you could draw different things.

Miles has such concentration when he is coloring.

These two played so well together.

This awesome space that had these knitted and crocheted blankets all ove

Someone was being silly, can you guess which one?

Spider Web

Spider making station
An exhibit made from paper cups

We ended the day by joining friends our ours, Jeff and Sandy Bacon at City BBQ.  We enjoyed a great lunch and the boys were really good, in fact the boys were really well behaved throughout it all.    After lunch we headed back to the Bailey/Nardin Household where these three men in my life all proceeded to take a nap!