Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another wonderful day here in Ohio

Another wonderful day here in Ohio.  Friday was filled with so much activity.  Places to go and people to see.  Our first stop was the Honey House, owned by a friend of our Cyndi and helped run by  my dearest friend Julie.  Cyndi wanted to me with me to talk about carrying some of my art pieces in her shop.  We had a wonderful visit with both lovely ladies.  Even got to see Jim the bee man.

Jim filling the vats of honey

Julie tending to some customers

The Honey House is a beautiful little shop in Grove City.

After my meeting we headed over to Lilly's a restaurant that Cyndi suggested.  It was a wonderful place to grab an enjoyable and yummy lunch.  They even had gluten free bread.

A beautiful mural in downtown Grove City.

After lunch we were off to visit with the Susie and Roger Singer.  Susie had ordered two of my creations and I wanted to get those dropped off besides the fact we just wanted to visit with these marvelous friends.  They have recently moved into a new beautiful place.  As always their gardens are spectacular.

We had a delightful visit with these two as we always do.  I helped Susie hang my pieces she bought. it was fun to actually see my works hanging in someones home.  I even caught a photo of the two of them as we were pulling away.  Love these two!

After a much to short visit with the Singers we headed over to Amanda and Kent's.  Our mission for the afternoon was for me to watch the boys along with Linda, Kent's Mom.  While the husbands and Amanda and Kent moved two car/truck loads of boxes over to Faith's house.  Linda and I had a great time with the boys.  After this part of the move was completed Linda and I met Amanda, Kent, the hubbies and Faith at a local Vietnamese restaurant.  

Oh my gosh how I love these three

Jacob loves his Pho soup

Even Brice was in on the activities

Kent attempted to get a group shot, but left out his own wife from the photo.

The food was excellent and the portions were HUGE!

After a wonderful meal we headed home for a well needed rest.  Tomorrow is moving day for the kids.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Made it to Ohio

Big brother Gary reminded me this morning that every day is an adventure and that I should post even the smallest of adventures.  So we are here in Ohio visiting family and friends.  We left on Wednesday morning, the trip is an eleven hour ride and I would say during this trip 85% of it was rainy or foggy.

We arrived in Columbus around 6:00 p.m. picked up some dinner and dog food, yes we left Miss Millie's food at home and then headed over to Amanda and Kent's to share some dinner with them. We were greeted by our sweet Mr. Jacob.  I can't get over the joy I feel every time I see our grandsons faces and get to give them a big hug.

So in love with these guys.

Brice with Papa, oh how he is growing up so fast

Amanda and her sweet little boys.  

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with them and then headed over to the east side of town to my brother Gary's where we had planned to live for the next week or so.  So blessed to have a brother and sister in law that opens their doors to us every time we arrive.  On our ride there we were blessed with some outstanding looking cloud formations.  I do have a weakness for clouds.

Even though we are away from home I was going to make sure I kept up with my now normal routine of Millie and I taking our morning walks.  On Thursday I awoke early and we headed out.  Taking a walk in this neighborhood is certainly different than where we walk at home.  There were deer to see along with chipmunks, and cars.  Not used to the cars during our walk, but none the less it was a great walk.  After breakfast we headed over to our niece Faith's house to drop off the chest of drawers I fixed up for Jacob and a shelf I repainted for the boys to put their toys on. 

Chest of drawers I bought at a yard sale, cleaned it up, had Mike put some shelves in and painted it a nice clean white.

 You see Amanda, Kent and the boys will be moving in this Saturday with Faith and Tim.  Mike took off shortly after we unloaded to have lunch with a friend while I hung out with Faith to help with some home maintenance projects she had going on. Always enjoy my time with this lady.  

Later that evening I joined some friends from our old church in Ashville for dinner.  What an absolute wonderful time we had.  We talked and laughed and pretty much closed the place down.  Must do this again next time I am in town.

This morning I was greeted by beautiful sunshine, you see it has been raining pretty much for the past three days.  The sunshine was a welcomed site.  After my walk this morning I hung out on the screened porch with my cup of coffee and camera.  The light coming in was just wonderful so I started taking a few shots of things simply around me.

This afternoon we are off to visit more friends, drop off a couple of my "creations" and then head over to Amanda and Kent's to help move a few boxes and enjoy a nice dinner with them and Kent's parents.  It's going to be a great day!

Objects on the porch

Some driftwood 

Oh those shadows

Hmm I am thinking someone wants my attention

More shapes and shadows.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

First Cruise on the Jana Leigh

Well we made it!  Survived our first cruise on our SV Jana Leigh.  We joined some folks from our yacht club and took part in the "Shake Down Cruise" just over to Bridgeton. The event was from Friday through Sunday.  We had plans to leave around 2 on Friday but that was soon changed.  You see we had been without air conditioning for the past week.  We had someone here on Thursday to supposedly fix it and well he replaced the thermostat and left without checking to see if the unit actually was cooling, it was not!  So Mike spent the majority of Friday on the phone with the homeowners warranty folks to get someone else out here to fix it.  This Momma was not going another week without it.  Yes call me spoiled, but in 80 degree temps and high humidity, well lets just say it made me uncomfortable and grumpy.

So we finally got off our dock around 5 ish.  Put Miss Millie aboard and we were off to Bridgeton, which is just across the river from New Bern.  About a 1-1/2 hour cruise for us.

Miss Millie soon found her spot next to me.

She certainly was enjoying the wind in her face.
Our faithful Pup keeping watch

She had a close eye on the Admiral
Made it to New Bern

New Bern Cruise boat

Heading across the river to the Bridgeton Marina

Mike loved the fact that a train ran right behind our dock.

We were late getting to the event but arrived in one piece and Millie did a great job on her first voyage.  We  joined the group for some great conversation and a quick dinner (they had already eaten since we were late to the party.)  After a long day we packed it in and headed back to our boat to cool off and relax.

Beautiful night sky.

Next morning I was up early, as usual.  Made some coffee and headed out to the cockpit to enjoy my morning coffee.  I had been looking forward to this for weeks.

This is the way one should spend every morning.

After I fixed us some breakfast I took Millie for a walk up to the marina building.  Came across this cute group of ducks. Couldn't help but take pictures of them.

Okay I know I went a little overboard with the ducks but they were so cute and fun to watch.  We spent the rest of the morning working on the boat.  

Miss Millie finally figured out she could walk all over the deck.  She could greet everyone that came b, and yes she did.

She even stayed to watch Mike do some work on the lines.

After the 3 of us being out in the heat all morning we came back to the boat, had a light lunch and then took showers.  After showers we, yes all 3 of us took a nap.  Even Millie climbed up into her kennel on her own free will to take a nap.

Millies home away from home in the quarter berth.

We enjoyed a nice evening of cocktails and dinner with the folks from the yacht club.  Oddly enough I didn't take any photos at these events.  

It was another beautiful evening spent in the cockpit going over the days events.

Sunday morning we were up early again.  See when you sleep on a boat you both go to bed at the same time and pretty much awake at the same time since a certain puppy will not let you sleep too long.  We enjoyed breakfast again in the cockpit and began packing things up as we wanted to get a fairly early start back. 

My view from the Galley, hmm I think Miss Millie is looking for some handouts.

Taking us out past New Bern.

Mike had me back to the boat out of our slip.  The conditions were great and I had lots of room.  Since this was my first time to attempt this maneuver.  We were on our way before 9:00 a.m.  Just as we passed downtown New Bern we came across a group of dolphins.  It was so amazing to see them so close to our boat.  Mike took some photos of them on his cell phone.  He was able to get a couple shots of them, but they were so quick and his camera on his phone has a bit of a delay.

Two dolphins swimming by

Mike decided since the weather was favorable we would put the sails up.  This too was a first as we had not yet done this on this particular boat.  I was behind the wheel and he was pulling lines so there are no photos of that, but a new friend of our John Jackson was able to get a couple of shots of us as they were sailing behind us.

The S/V Jana Leigh, taken by John Jackson

So thankful of other boaters that take photos of us.

As we were approaching Broad Creek River which takes us back to our dock we came across a sailboat race and it was magnificent.  By that time Mike had taken over the wheel and I was quick to grab my camera and start shooting.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!  and to quote Lynn a friend of mine a bit addicting.  So be patient there are quite a few boat pics to follow.

It was a wonderful weekend but we were so glad to get back home.  Upon arrival daughter Amanda sent us this adorable picture of two of our grandsons.  Miss those little guys, looking forward to seeing them at the end of May.

Night all!