Saturday, March 25, 2017

Over to Oriental for some work.

On Thursday morning we awoke early to cruise the boat over to Oriental for some rigging work that needed to be done on the new boat.  Yes we knew about this when we made the purchase.  So we were up before the sun came up and headed over to the marina.  It was a beautiful morning hardly a cloud in the sky, the temperature though was at that time only 34 degrees.  We had never cruised in such low temps before, but we are always up for a new adventure.  The cruising time we figured would be about 4 hours, not bad for our first time out.  There was a thin coating of frost on the dock and the boat so needless to day walking around was a bit tricky, but since neither of us fell in the water we consider it a success.

The light that morning was spectacular so I was shooting off photos like mad.  Oddly enough at this early hour we were not the first boat out.

In places that morning there was a low lying fog on the water.  It gave the place an etherial look.

After a few preparations we were on our way to Oriental.

The view of the canal that morning was spectacular.  We passed by some new friends house and I grabbed this shot of their boat (on the left).  George designed and built this boat himself, it's quite amazing.

The first part of our journey was quite peaceful.  We came across a whole flock of birds that were not to happy they had to share the waters with us.  

The sun was out in all it's glory and helped a little to warm things up a bit, remember by this time the temperature was only about 36 degrees.

We rounded Minnesot Beach area and that's when things turned, well how shall we say it, another direction.  The wind had picked up, along with the waves and we knew at that point we were in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

So we bundled up and held on and were pleasantly surprised at how well the boat handled itself in these conditions.  Also how well my stomach handled these conditions as some may remember I don't always do so well in rocky waters.  But being down lower and in the middle of the boat really seemed to help a great deal. 

Mike skillfully worked the boat through a landmine of crab pots and markers that well were not real clear.  We gently met the bottom at one point but Mike was quick to get us out of that situation.  Four hours later we made it to the SailCraft marina.

After a chilly 4 hour ride we rewarded ourselves by a warm lunch at the Silos in Oriental.  Our first trip was now under our belt and we were looking forward to the many more ahead of us.

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