Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Getting Ready

We have spent the last couple of weeks getting the boat ready for our first official cruise on the Jana Leigh.  We have plans to cruise over to Bridgeton with some folks from our Yacht Club to spend the weekend.  They are calling it a "Shakedown Cruise".

I think we have pretty much everything on board that we will need.  We have also brought Millie on board a couple of times so she can get used to the boat, the noises it makes and the movement.  So far so good.  More to come after the weekend.

Salon is clean and stocked along with the forepeak.  

Galley has been stocked and is ready to go.

Miss Millie's first visit to the boat.

I think she is going to be a good boat pup.

The Jana Leigh at her dock.

Miss Millie watching Mike down below.

She loves just hanging out watching whatever we are doing.

And no Missy that is not your bed, that's ours.

Mike while we practiced our docking.

Miss Millie enjoying the wind and sun on her first ride.

Put our first picture on board today.  It only seemed right it be of the boys.  Soon they will be big enough to join us.

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