Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another wonderful day here in Ohio

Another wonderful day here in Ohio.  Friday was filled with so much activity.  Places to go and people to see.  Our first stop was the Honey House, owned by a friend of our Cyndi and helped run by  my dearest friend Julie.  Cyndi wanted to me with me to talk about carrying some of my art pieces in her shop.  We had a wonderful visit with both lovely ladies.  Even got to see Jim the bee man.

Jim filling the vats of honey

Julie tending to some customers

The Honey House is a beautiful little shop in Grove City.

After my meeting we headed over to Lilly's a restaurant that Cyndi suggested.  It was a wonderful place to grab an enjoyable and yummy lunch.  They even had gluten free bread.

A beautiful mural in downtown Grove City.

After lunch we were off to visit with the Susie and Roger Singer.  Susie had ordered two of my creations and I wanted to get those dropped off besides the fact we just wanted to visit with these marvelous friends.  They have recently moved into a new beautiful place.  As always their gardens are spectacular.

We had a delightful visit with these two as we always do.  I helped Susie hang my pieces she bought. it was fun to actually see my works hanging in someones home.  I even caught a photo of the two of them as we were pulling away.  Love these two!

After a much to short visit with the Singers we headed over to Amanda and Kent's.  Our mission for the afternoon was for me to watch the boys along with Linda, Kent's Mom.  While the husbands and Amanda and Kent moved two car/truck loads of boxes over to Faith's house.  Linda and I had a great time with the boys.  After this part of the move was completed Linda and I met Amanda, Kent, the hubbies and Faith at a local Vietnamese restaurant.  

Oh my gosh how I love these three

Jacob loves his Pho soup

Even Brice was in on the activities

Kent attempted to get a group shot, but left out his own wife from the photo.

The food was excellent and the portions were HUGE!

After a wonderful meal we headed home for a well needed rest.  Tomorrow is moving day for the kids.

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