Saturday, June 10, 2017

Boat time!

After a busy, rainy week we decided on Friday to take the boat out, blow the stink off and have dinner out on the boat.  So I packed up some things I throw together on the boat for dinner and off we went.  It was a beautiful day but unfortunately not very windy, until of course when we were ready to come back.  So we cruised out to the Neuse River and over close to the Blackbeard sailing club.  Our plan was to anchor out, which we had not done yet, except for the practice session we had over a month ago, and then enjoy a nice dinner on board.  Well the anchoring went really well, no mishaps, no captain overboard, we called it a success.  I fixed us some dinner, even used the alcohol stove, which I find much easier to use than the propane one we had on the Lady J.  We enjoyed a nice dinner as the evening progressed the winds really started to pick up.  So we headed back to Fairfield Harbor.  After a successful docking we climbed up on deck with our chairs and enjoyed a wonderful sunset.  In the world of boating it was a hugely successful and enjoyable evening.

Our chairs for the sunset, what a view

Miss Millie hanging out at the bow.

This is the view from where our boat is docked.  

The colors were spectacular this photo doesn't do it justice.

A great ending to a perfect day.

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