Thursday, June 15, 2017

Plant and See

So our latest project has been to put a garden bed in around the new deck that Mike built.  A couple of weeks ago we dug out all the sod in preparation for the new bed.

Started out early morning to dig up all the sod.

Place for new entrance to the stairs.
Mike dug while I through the sod into the truck.

It turned out nice
But woo were we exhausted and hot.

 This week we went to the Craven County Ag Services and picked up 3/4 of a ton of a compost/soil mixture to amend these garden beds.  You see the soil around here is pretty much sand.  It was a bargain at $12.00 for the whole thing.

Ag Services is just outside of Vanceboro

Wow the old truck wasn't sure it was going to take all this weight, but it made it home without any trouble.

All I could think of is I know two little boys who would have loved to been this close to the lovely machine.

So yesterday morning we decided, well I decided we would get up early (like 6:30 a.m. when the sun comes up) and unload the new compost/soil.  We decided to go early since this week there has been a bit of a heat wave going on and the humidity is pretty high.

It was a hot job, but after about 2 hours we had it completed.

Now it was time to go get some plants.  Lynn, a friend of mine gave me a suggestion of where I might go to look at some plants. Specific ones I was looking for, you see Lynn has graciously said that she would share with me pretty much any of her flowers she has.  What an amazing offer that was.  But today we stopped by Plant and See Nursery in Winterville to see what they had.  Mike had to go to the VA in Greenville anyway so we stopped by there on the way back.  

Can I just say WOW! what a place Plant and See is.  I have never seen a nursery quite like this one.  It was like a touring garden and nursery all in one.  I could have seriously spent HOURS there.  Below are the photos I took.  Unfortunately they didn't have in stock the specific plant I was looking for (wouldn't be in until tomorrow).  But I still managed to come home with some plants.

Along with the beautiful plants were awesome sculptures and garden art.

Even the pots where arrange to look like art.

This place had everything and if they didn't have it they could order it.  If you do have something specific that you are looking for though be sure to call ahead and verify that they do have it.  

We will absolutely go back there again. Next thing is mulch.

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