Monday, June 5, 2017

Time with the Big Boys

The Sunday before Memorial Day was spent with family.  It was a wonderful day for a cookout at my brothers.  Oddly enough I only took pictures of the two older grandsons, Miles and Jacob.  Mike and I had so much fun playing with these two.  We played in the sand box.  We pretended we were on a stagecoach.  Nana and Papa (along with the boys) played scary box people.  They ran up and down the slide and flew high on the swings.  Thanks Gary and Christy for having such a fun back yard.
Miles had some alone time in the sandbox before Jacob arrived.

Papa playing horse, while the boys pulled on the "reigns"

Miss Millie keeping a close eye on things.

This was Jacobs first time to play in the sand box.  

Getting some sand building lessons from the older cousin.

Papa are you sure that swing was meant for you?

Let's bury Nana's hand and see if she can get it out.

Imagination is a wonderful thing.  Let's use this bar from the swing set and pretend
we are on a horse drawn wagon

Miles ran up the slide at least a dozen times.  Finally pooped out.

What can two little boys do with two plastic containers? Quite a lot.

Let's play scary box children.  Mike and I played with them but thank heaven no one got a picture of that.

More sand box time.

Jacob really enjoyed the sand box

I still can't get over how much these two have grown.

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