Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Random photos from 2017 Family Vacation

Some remaining random photos from a fantastic family vacation at the beach.

Last night in Corolla, NC  What an awesome vacation it was.

Night time swim 

Grandma Marian reading to Jacob

Gary with the cereal box 

Hmm someone had to do the same

Brice almost learned to crawl while we were away

Jacob quietly playing with his Paw Patrol figurines

Some beautiful shells Marian had collected throughout the week


One tired little boy and his Dad.

Sticker time with Christy and Gary

Grandma Marian playing with B-boy (Baby Brice)

Tim taking a bite out of Faith.  

Grandma Marian and both the boys

Mike and I

One night we had sparklers.

Nardin family photo shoot.

Okay Faith and Tim were not the only ones that wanted their photos taken so the following night I took photos of Amanda and Kent's Family.  They were all dressed in Cubs shirts and looked adorable.  From what Amanda said Kent is a true Cubs Fan.  Love this whole crew so very much!

Bailey photo shoot

One day I was so busy having fun I didn't take any photos of the family only of Faith and Tim (Bailey) that evening per their request.  I have wanted to try my hand at taking portraits and this was the perfect opportunity.  These turned out pretty good, but I still have so much to learn.  Besides it's not to hard to take photos of such good looking people.