Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beach day and kite flying

We spent a couple of days actually at the beach.  The temperatures were in the 90's to beach days were few.  But this day we all went, even baby Brice.  Or shall we say biker dude Brice as in the picture below.  We had temporarily misplaced his sun hat and the little guy couldn't go out without one, so Papa loaned him a doo rag.  It was the hit of the day!

Jacob not to sure he wanted in the ocean but was happy to stay up with Papa

Brice, Nana and Zach hanging out in the shade.

Oh such wonderful kisses

Jacob made sand castles with Papa, well Papa built them and Jacob knocked them over, that was until he realized he could make them too.

Faith and Tim catching some waves

That evening we took the clan (minus Amanda, she was up at the house with Brice) down to the beach to fly some kites that Grandma Marian had bought.  It was a nice cool evening.

Jacob entertaining himself in the sand

Faith and Jacob find a large puddle to walk through

Selfies with Auntie Faith

Awesome sand designs

Jacob learning to fly a kite with his dad Kent.


Gary and Christy

Me and Mike enjoying the evening

A little help from Dad

A beach hunk indeed

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