Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Day 3 or was it 4

Well we are back from our family vacation and because of the wonderful reason of having so much fun I wasn't able to keep up with the posts.  So I am doing them now.  Below are pictures from when we took Faith and Tim to the drive on beach in Corolla, NC.  Couldn't believe how crowded it was.

Afterwards we came back for a family swim in the pool.  The best thing about this house absolutely other than we were all together  was the pool out in the back of the house.  We spent countless hours swimming, playing and having squirt gun battles.  Jacob even learned to swim with his swimmers on instead of his float.  

Jacob in his float but later in the week graduated up to his swimmers.

Brice just loved the water like the rest of us.

Amazing what fun we had with $4.00 worth of squirt guns

Even Jacob got in on the fun.

That evening Mike and I drove over to the lighthouse to take some sunset photos on the sound.  I brought my tripod and worked on some night time photos.  

Mike even took some of me.

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