Monday, July 17, 2017

First day of our summer vacation

Okay it isn't really the first day, but it is the first full day of our family summer vacation.  Christy's Mom, Marian who we all love and adore graciously rented us a wonderful house here in the Outer Banks (Corolla to be exact) so that we could once again enjoy a family vacation at the beach.  So with 10 adults and 2 small boys we are here for the week to make some wonderful memories.  Today, or first full day was a bit rainy, but we enjoyed it none the less.  How could you not being here at the beach.

Jacob so excited to see Papa when we arrived.

Brice is all smiles Monday morning

Playing with Grandma Marian

Tim spending some quiet time.

Brice taking a rest

Christy and Faith enjoying a little morning conversation

Amanda and her boys

It was a very rainy Monday morning so we all spent it hanging out around the house.  Some went for an early morning walk on the beach and a few were caught in a downpour.  After the rain had settled down we all decided to take a walk down to the beach.

The gang

Off to the beach

Absolutely love the smile on Amanda's face. She is and always will be a beach baby.

Big brother Gary

Oh to be able to enjoy the beach with my grandsons

Jacob with his favorite Auntie Faith.

Mike and I just having a wonderful time.

Faith playing in the sand

Tim and Jacob giving the water a little kick. 

Brice  hanging out with his Mama.

Getting a little lift from the waves from Uncle Tim

The guys enjoying a laugh

Jacob receiving some helping hands to tackle the next incoming wave.

Grabbing some water with Nana

Time to build some sand castles

Wow that wave caught everyone off guard

Selfie Time.

Kent and Faith were the ones to totally immerse themselves in the ocean.

Brice dipping his toes in the ocean for the first time with a little help from his Mom.

Me and my buddy Zach

After a morning at the beach we all returned for some lunch and a nap or two.  I took a little time on the floor with my youngest grandson to get some pictures of him.  I have so many of his brother and older cousin I needed to catch up with Brice's portfolio, hee, hee.

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