Monday, July 3, 2017

Miss Millie's 2nd cruise

Well Miss Millie is currently on her second cruise. This time she is off to the Grand Marina in downtown New Bern.  It was a great cruise over this morning, at little rain, but with the heat and humidity the rain was welcomed.

Leaving Fairfield Harbor
We made it to the Grand Marina around 11:15 p.m.  But whew the temperature was in the low 90's and humidity was about 75%.  We were the first ones in our group to arrive, but were very happy that we made it in one piece and were looking forward to another adventure.

The ride over was pretty good even a little rain didn't spoil it.

Hanging out with Dad after a good docking.

Had to take a nap after the ride over.  Nice a cool inside the boat.

While Miss Millie was sleeping some really BIG boats came into the marina.
Not only big boats, but BIG dogs.  This is Boris and he is like me a Schnauzer, but a GIANT one!  

Millie has met so many new furry friends on this trip.  Big Boris a Giant Schnauzer for one, and of course she got to see her friend Clancey.  He's famous now that he won the cutest dog of New Bern.
Lyn shared some yummy treats with us.
Millie and Clancey got to hang out while the grown ups chatted.
Then the rain rolled in.

Lynn and Jana - BOAT HAIR - DON'T CARE!

Enjoyed some time with our Yacht Club friends.

Lynn and George braved the rain.

Our first day was a success.  Nite all.

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