Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The 4th of July at Grand Marina

July the 4th I awoke to the sound of Mike in pain.  His sore thigh muscle had now turned into a hugely swollen knee.  So thank God that Lynn and George Stateham had brought their truck over to the marina.  Mike asked George if he could run him over to the emergency room.  After about a 3 hour visit he returns with an ace bandage, crutches and instructions to stay off of it and elevate it.  He somehow aggravated the pulled muscle and it made the knee collect fluids.  So hmm boat, crutches, man that can't get around too well.  What do you do?

He had to option of going home, but opted to stay and tough it out.  So we spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon in the cabin, napping, reading and relaxing as most everyone else who was with us did.  As the heat index was 102 and humid.  

Yes I was coloring in a wonderful book an Ohio friend had given me along with the great pencils.  Thanks Kathy!

After a couple of hours of this Mike was getting antsy and to be honest so was I.  So I helped him up into the cockpit propped up his leg, gave him some water and we enjoyed watching all the boats come in who were cruising by us to get a good position for the fireworks that evening.  Mike and Millie had lots of visitors.

That evening was the potluck with the folks from our Yacht Club.  It was nice they set the tables up pretty close to our boat so that way Mike and I could still be part of the festivities, but he didn't have to leave the boat.

There was tons of food, drink and lots of laughter. Even the occasional summer time rain, but that didn't stop anyone from having a great time.  That evening New Bern had a fireworks display.  We were able to watch them from the back of the boat.  We were so pleased to know that they didn't effect Millie in any way.  She sat with Mike the whole time.  I was off the boat taking pictures, of course.  

The bridge at night

After the fireworks we both went to bed.  It was going to be an early morning as a couple Chris and Rob from the Yacht Club were going to help us get the boat back to our dock.

Wednesday morning I was up early, I know what's new. Started packing things up in the boat.  My thought was that it would be cooler while we were plugged into the electric (can run the AC) than trying to pack all this up at our dock where the electric panel can't handle the power demand our AC takes.  So I continued packing trying not to wake Mike.  Finally after getting most things ready to go I took Millie for a walk.  What a beautiful morning it was.  At 6:00 a.m. it was already pretty warm, but not too bad, yet.  Loved the view during our walk this morning.

Can you tell after all those pictures how I love taking photos of water and reflections.  We left the dock at 8:30 a.m. (had to wait for the bridge to open) and headed back to our dock at Shoreline, with the help of Chris and Rob Skrotsky.  What a huge help they were to us in getting the boat back and things unloaded.  This community that we live in is awesome, neighbors, helping neighbors as it should be.  So we are home now, showered, had some lunch and relaxing the rest of the day.  Mike is on the mend and should be back to his normal self in a couple of days.  Until then more R&R for him.

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