Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bacon Day!

Oh what a wonderful day it is when you get to spend some it with the Bacons.  Yes today Mike and I hopped in the truck, after dropping Miss Millie off at the Stateham's for a playdate with Clancey and headed down to Surf City, NC to meet up with Jeff and Sandy Bacon, our cruising friends.  On the map we only live 3 hours from each other, but in the last year we seem to only see one another in Columbus when we are all up there visiting.  Yes that means driving 600+ miles to people that are literally 3 hours away.  That must be changed!

So Mike found a place that is half way, yes 1-1/2 hour trip by vehicle and then found us a place to meet for lunch.  Lunch was okay, but the company was fantastic.  We ALWAYS love seeing these two.  Sandy is a retired art teacher and and arty person just like me where Jeff and Mike could talk about boats and boat "stuff" all day long.  After lunch we took a quick trip down to Surf City Beach.  It was a wonderful day and there was even talk about possibly cruising together this next season.  Yahoo!

A selfie when we first arrived.

After lunch the guys hung out while us ladies hit a nearby shop.

Hmm I think this could be a new project for Mike and I.

It seems to be a tradition that we take a group selfie when the four of us are together.  There is only one "little" problem with this.  I am sooo much shorter than the other three so often times my head gets well....eliminated.  Well these turned out pretty good.

Sandy and I found this sand castle

The beach wasn't very crowded today, seeing that the kids are back in school.

The guys just enjoying the view and a great conversation.

Us ladies just took a walk
We headed our way back and stopped downtown New Bern, just to catch a couple of shots near the river.  It was a such a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Visit to Columbus

We returned on Monday from a visit to Columbus.  Jacob, our middle grandson, was celebrating his 3rd birthday and of course we were there.  I can't believe that he is 3 years old already.  I know this may sound cliche but wasn't he just born yesterday?  The visit was a short one, but we enjoyed ourselves.  Check out all the photos from this visit.

Odd picture I know.  Mike and I needed to purchase some new tennis shoes and to be honest here in New Bern there are very few places to shop and shoes well is just not one of them.  So while in Columbus we hit DSW and picked up a couple of pairs.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of these Chuck Taylor Converse, ones just like my Mom used to wear.

One thing we saw a great deal of were deer.  In my brothers neighborhood there seems to be a large herd of them.  You would see them early evening and early morning.  One morning while sitting on the back porch I actually saw 5 of them in the yard behind me.  It was so cool.

During our visit we had lunch with some dear friend, Roger and Susie Singer.  Susie purchased two more of my mixed media pieces.  We were so glad to see them and be able to spend some quality time visiting.

Since I need to keep up with my photography I took some time while at my brothers and walked around his yard taking photographs of whatever caught my eye.  Below area couple of the shots I took that day.

During our visit to Columbus we too had a wonderful visit with Ed and Julie Kerns.  Spent hours talking and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in downtown Circleville.  Where as I didn't take any photos of us with them I did take a few shots on the way back from their place of some local farm land.  That is one thing you don't see much of here in New Bern.

Okay, while at lunch I did take a picture of this piece of metal art on the wall of the restaurant.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Of course while we were there a few "selfies" were taken with some really cute grandsons.

And now for the reason we were all there.  Jacob's 3rd birthday party.  

Swings and playing in the yard is always part of the party.  I didn't use my camera this day.  I wanted to be able to fully enjoy the festivities so my dear sister in law Christy took the photos of the days events.

This little man, Brice, was such a good boy the whole day.  But by the end of the day he was tuckered out.

Jacob certainly loves his Papa.

Not sure what this conversation was all about, but by the looks of it, it must have been pretty good.

Such a sweet shot of Miles hugging Jacob when he had to leave.  Just love these boys.

Our last day in Columbus we spent some time that evening at the Bailey/Nardin house for dinner.  

Favorite photo from the whole evening.  Brice and our dog Millie.  I call this "downward dog".

Someone being a tiny bit silly

It was a wonderful visit and I look forward to seeing everyone in December.